Flotsam of War – LAND&SEA ™ Book Four Available in Kindle and Paperback

The full art image for the cover.

The paperback and ebook of Flotsam of War is now available. The hardcover should be up shortly as well.

When we planned on launching LAND&SEA ™ as a Kickstarter, I had prepared a lot of fiction that would have been opened at reward levels, including a pretty lengthy novella, The Toll.  Once I laid it all out, there was almost enough for an anthology. There would need to be a few more stories that had to be added, but ultimately here we are – Flotsam of War.

Waiter: “Which one of you ordered the crab dinner?”

The underlying theme with this compilation is to tell stories from some different perspectives we haven’t seen thus far. So, you’ll get a tank crew, GRD operators, a medic, militia groups, technicians, and some other views that are new and a lot of fun.  We will take a Trident suit or two down in one story as well.  Most of the tales are set after Storm Surge and takes place all across the country. I’ve always felt that this was a strength of LAND&SEA, having a variety of points of view of a much larger conflict. 

There’s new aliens in here, some new tech, and we get to see some Air Force action as well. 

The characters in the kickoff trilogy don’t show up in this book, but there is a visit with a few of them in book five, Ratchet’s Run.  The LAND&SEA universe is much larger than that ensemble of characters, as you will see in Flotsam of War.

The cover was something Brent and I talked about – the desire to give fans their first view of the aliens, starting with the Crabs. In this case, the view is from the cockpit of an ASHUR rig. One of the things I loved about my former franchise was the art from the old school – especially the MechWarrior RPG first edition cover. Brent ran with that idea and he and the artist produced something that was awesome. 

What is my favorite story?  That is tough. I love the techs story, Technical Difficulties.  It answers the age old story; what would a bunch of techs do with spare time and enough parts to build an ASHUR do?  I think we all know the answer to that  – you make a Frankenrig. The tank crew in Open at Your Own Risk, are just fun characters and let me enjoy some dialogue writing that was a blast to execute. I have a fondness for tank crews, having talked to a number of vets that served in that capacity. There’s a healthy number of Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the book too.

Flotsam of War is meant to be fun. There’s a section of the snippets that you’d usually see in the Cycle sections which are just entertaining to read.  Some of the characters in these short stories will reappear in later fiction as well. One small group of characters actually got their first cameo in Storm Surge

Book five is done and edited and will be out in June, mostly to give people a chance to get caught up. Book five is awesome – different than most of your mainstream military sci fi.   I’ve plotted out book six, and that will be this fall.  Then next year, we begin season two with a whole new ensemble cast in an explosive trilogy. 

The pacing here is deliberate. We have delivered four books in the series in four months – that is a rarity in publishing. By the end of June, you’ll have five books in your hands. Some authors trickle out a book or two a year – but that’s not the way we do it. The folks at WarGate are helping us making this a dynamic experience for the readers and fans out there.  FYI – some fans have set up a LAND&SEA fan group already in Facebook, so check that out when you get a chance. 

Well, I’ve got to saddle up. I’m finishing up a Galaxy’s Edge novel, then jumping in on book six in LAND&SEA.  In the meantime, enjoy Flotsam of War!

Free Land&Sea Bonus Fiction – NSF Bravo

Another bit of bonus fiction!

Creative Juggernaut Blog

Splashdown releases 12 January 2023

Blaine here. We are almost at D-Day! Last week we had the release of the ASHUR (TM) minis and pilot’s patch. This week, some free reading material. Here’s some bonus fiction to get you intrigued with the Land&Sea (TM) universe. Share and enjoy!

Eighteen kilometers from the National Science Foundation’s Weather Station Bravo, Antarctica

Dr. AntoinetteJasper angled the Polaris HD7 snowmobile around a rise on the stark white ground.She had learned his first week at the NSF that such outcroppings could be deceptive.The month before she had hit such a ridge head-on with one of the snowmobiles and had discovered it was a thick solid chunk of ice covered with a think dusting of snow. The snowmobile was now being stripped for parts as a result. I’m not going to make that mistake twice.

Dr. Jasper ignored the short burst of biting wind as her…

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Land&Sea Merch Up For Sale – Including the Lion Class ASHUR


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You want minis – how about the Lion class ASHUR rig?  It stands 2.5 inches tall, bigger than your typical assault ‘Mech mini.  These are limited edition – first run, made in the USA. The one above is a 3D print – but the ones being shipped are cast resin.

Lion-Class ASHUR “Devil Dog” 28mm Scale Miniature – GALAXYS EDGE

“Mount up pilot!”  Not everyone is rated to pilot an ASHUR – but with these wings, you can show you are worthy.    


Some more stuff will be coming soon! Reminder – next week is the launch! If you haven’t ordered your copy of Splashdown, do so now

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For the Love of the Game Part IV…Capturing the ‘Fog of War’

You like the Expanse? You love this series

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Brent Evans here, secret sharer and creative mastermind set to once again pull the curtain back on an interesting aspect of the upcoming novel release of SPLASHDOWN

When crafting stories for any Gaming franchise, it is fun to play with tricks used to create a gaming experience and mimic them in the story. Some can be done easily, others not so much. Among the hardest I’ve ever tackled (and by “I’ve” I mean Blaine) was something called the ‘Fog of War’. If you’ve played Legend of Zelda this is an obstacle you know well – walking into a dungeon and the whole thing is blacked out, keeping you from being able to see beyond a small area around you character. In game design this is used as a tool that helps deliver small doses of incremental satisfaction at having achieved something, of exploring something totally unknown, risking unseen dangers and…

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 10 – Another Bit of Bonus Fiction

Merry Christmas!

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Guess what arrived yesterday…a prerelease copy!

Blaine here. It’s a few days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, except for the aliens that are wading ashore and planning the eradication of mankind! Here’s a little bit of Land&Sea ™ fiction for you before the holidays settle in. Reminder, Splashdown releases 12 January so get your pre-orders in and help us spread the word by forwarding this around.


Deltex Oil Refinery, Houston, Texas

Anthony Gelf hated mysteries. In his line of work, a mystery could be dangerous – downright deadly. At 2:06 a.m. the Deltex Oil Refinery had called his digipad with a priority-one maintenance job. Something had happened on the number two distribution line. He had asked, half-awake, what had happened but the shift operator had told him she had no idea. In fact, she had said she had never seen anything like…

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 9 – Some Bonus Fiction

Some free fiction – enjoy!

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Blaine here, transmitting from my secure bunker. At this time of the year, everyone deserves a break. How about some fiction set in the Land&Sea ™ universe?  Here’s a little story that is a bonus piece…it’s not in the novels.  It’s an early present from us to you.   

Bass Head Beach, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Martin Bragg watched his daughter Kara as she played at the water’s edge. The surf was calm and the sun was warm with a light breeze in the air – a perfect early June morning. Martin’s wife, Jessica, had gone back to the rental house to get some bottles of water and Martin sat on the folding chase lounge watching his daughter. The breeze coming off the Atlantic was the perfect temperature, with that ocean-aroma that was oddly relaxing. The beach would be much more crowded in a few hours, at this time in…

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 8 –Splashdown is Available for Preorder in PAPERBACK

Paperback preorders!

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Splashdown, the first book of Land&Sea ™, is now available in paperback for pre-order! We know that a lot of you like to hold onto a book, so this your chance. The novel will ship from Amazon on the release date, 12 January 2023.

The early reviews are coming in and are incredible. Check out Mage Leader’s video.

For those of you that want ebook or Audible audiobook, those are available right now as well.

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 7 – The Release Date for Splashdown is Announced – 12 January 2023

The release dates are set!

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Attention all hands – this is a special announcement from the Captain. This week’s update is one to sink your teeth into. The novels will start their launch on 12 January 2023. The ebook and audiobook are available for pre-order right now on Amazon. The paperback will be also be available on 12 January. Amazon has a thing about not allowing pre-sales on print on demand titles.

The audiobook is done and will be available the day of launch – though I recommend pre-ordering it now. No waiting around months for you audiobook fans.

Subscribers to WarGate Publishing’s Galaxy’s Edge Subscribers will be getting early access to the novel. Obviously, if you have a podcast or webcast and want to do a review – reach out below in the comments and let us know.

The novels will release one a month for the first three books. That’s right, no…

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 6 – This Isn’t Just a Book Series, It’s a Franchise

Another cool weekly update…

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When this all started back in 2014, it was with a simple one-line idea from Brent Evans. The Juggernaut team had some different players back then, but we started to have creative design sessions. As an author, I didn’t write the story – but instead I defined what we needed to have in place in order to tell good stories.

Brent expressed that the IP (Intellectual Property) had to translate on a number of different channels…novels, a table-top game, a role playing game, comic books, video games, and even films. There are going to be unit patches, posters, stickers, miniatures…you get the idea – it’s big. Each element of the design was weighed against those channels. It was a slow process. Everyone contributed ideas and concepts that we had to see if they fit, or needed to be changed, or discarded. It was a visual thing as well. We would…

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About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 5 – Some Character Notes

More goodness…

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Nose art from the ASHUR rig, “Devil Dog.”

On the birthday of the Marine Corps – Semper Fi!  Blaine here.  My wife wouldn’t allow me to leave out a bottle of bourbon and some cigars last night for Chesty Puller.  If you don’t get that reference, well, that’s on you.

It is appropriate that I do this post on this holiday. The USMC factors in big-time in the first books of the Land&Sea ™ series. There are a few reasons for this. One, Marines are bad-ass combatants. Two, in a series where land and sea are clearly factors, having characters that are Marines makes sense. These are not cookie-cutter generic Marines either. They are going to give us a number of different perspectives of the battlespace. One of these Marines is an ASHUR pilot that is borderline legendary.

Another key character is from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). I knew…

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