Movie Review – Knights of Badassdom


First off let me say I’m generally not a big fan of “indie” films.  They are not my go-to choice.  Often times they struggle with a limited budget, washed-up stars of sitcoms-gone-by.  I saw some chatter in Facebook about a film called Knights of Badassdom and it looked good enough to try.

I wasn’t disappointed with this movie at all. This movie rocks.

First off this “feels” like a more expensive production, not that traditional “we filmed this with money we made returning cans and bottles for the recycling money…” quality.  It has some serious acting talent in it.  Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and Summer Glau (Firelfly – yes I know she was in the Terminator show too, but I like her in Firefly better so cut me some slack).  The actors aren’t exactly up for an academy award for their roles, it’s not that kind of movie.  This is more of the kind of movie that develops an awesome cult following and is shown at game and comic conventions every year until the end of our civilization – for which we should all be thankful.

The premise is what sucked me in.  I’m a gamer (role playing and board) for years.  I have earned a lot of money writing books and designing games over the years. This film expands that.  It’s the story of a group of Live Action Role Players (LARP-ers) who accidentally summon a real demon in the middle of their epic battle-weekend.

Really – I’m not kidding – that’s the whole plot.  It’s geeks vs. demons…plain and simple.  There’s a love story in there too, but I kind of tuned that out.

And it SO works.  For me, as a self-proclaimed geek, I loved it.  The battle speeches made by the two warring LARP groups made me chuckle.  I was surprised at the end (how often does that happen in a film?)  The movie was worth every bit of the money I spent on it.  I chuckled quite a bit.  There’s enough of a plot going that it maintained my interest.  There’s some carnage and gore – but you expect that when you summon a demon.

My caveat is this – if you don’t have friends or know something about LARPing, role playing games, or the geek lifestyle, the movie might fall on deaf and unforgiving ears/eyes.  If you understand the uber-geek mindset you’ll recognize some of the characters from your own experience.   GenCon attendees will easily gravitate to this film for an hour or so of fun.

So, I give this about four stars out of five – IF you know what LARP’ing and RPG’s are before you download the flick. If you are just somebody who knows little to nothing of the nuances of the geek lifestyle, then this is more like a three out of five. A conditional review – well, yeah.

It’s a good solid movie – not great, but worth your money and time.  Peter Dinklage in armor is always work thee stars on its own.  It’s available on iTunes, so download it and have some fun.