A Most Uncivil War Sneak Peek 2 – Book Two of Blue Dawn

This novel will have some good old fashioned military action in it

Book two of the Blue Dawn series, A Most Uncivil War, will be available soon for pre-sales. This novel picks up just a few days after the end of Blue Dawn, carrying forward the events in that book.

Blue Dawn kicked off the resistance to the Progressive overthrow of the United States.  A Most Uncivil War will carries the story forward as both sides prepare for a contentious election, one that will lead to bloodshed…American and Newmerican.  One side fights to restore freedom, the other battles to hold onto the power they have seized out of fear and a bloody coup. 

The target date for release is June 28.  In the meantime, enjoy this clip from the cover of the new book. Nothing says loving like an up-armored Humvee. 

A Most Uncivil War Sneak Peek 1 – Book Two of Blue Dawn

Presales will begin soon!

I’m pleased to announce that book two of the Blue Dawn series, A Most Uncivil War, will be available in the next week or so for pre-sales. This novel picks up just a few days after the end of Blue Dawn, carrying forward the events in that book.

Readers who enjoyed the first book will get to see the characters continuing in their great story arcs.  I will be introducing some new players in the mix.  And, as you can guess by the title, we are going to get some interesting military action in this book as well. 

The target date for release is June 28.  I invite you to follow my blog for more details as we approach the launch. In the meantime, just as a tease, I thought I’d share a snippet from the cover of the new book. I wonder what flag that might be?  Hmm…

Two of my true crime books are now available as audiobooks

I got notice a week ago that Murder in Battle Creek and The Murder of Maggie Hume, were both now available as audiobooks. I’m not an audiobook person.  I tried once to listen to one of my books and hearing it with a different narrator struck me as strange.  I also acknowledge that a lot of people out there love audiobooks; hence the need for this post.

Murder in Battle Creek is about the murder of Daisy Zick. It is a cold case that still is talked about in that community – and one that could potentially be solved. 

The Murder of Maggie Hume holds a dear spot for me. Not only was the victim my age, but this was the first book my daughter and I wrote together.  It was also on the New York Times Bestseller List for Crime and Punishment, back when they still had that list.  This case became personal for the two of us as authors.  One reason, it is solvable – to us it is fairly evident who committed the murder of this young woman.  Two, we both developed a connection to the story, the people who investigated it, and others involved with the case. 

I have other true crime books on audio as well…but these are new releases.  If you like that kind of book, I encourage you to enjoy them.   

Book Release:  The Democratic Playbook – Election 2022 Edition

Some biting satire for your reading pleasure

I inadvertently started this book two years ago while I was working on Blue Dawn.  I started a file to keep track of the traits and characteristics of the radical progressives that overthrew that government in that novel, along with character notes, story ideas, etc.  It’s a fairly common practice with writers. With each new book in the Blue Dawn series, I added to the file.  I’m on book five right now so my notes were turning into a number of pages. Flipping through it, I realized it was almost a sourcebook in length and depth.   

As I reviewed the material I wondered if there was a viable book idea in my notes.

So I decided to approach it as a leaked document from the Democratic National Committee.  A portion of my source material got reworked and retooled into this project, The Democratic Playbook, 2022 Election Edition, positioned as a bit of satire.  By the time I got it drafted, I realized I had likely missed the publishing cycle to go with a traditional publisher, so I opted to simply self-publish this.  I hired a great editor (Mark Greathouse) and he helped me polish this into a bit of biting political humor. 

I fully realize that just writing any humor is risky ground these days, especially political satire. The woke/cancel mob is offended by everything. They have ruined comedy in our nation, one of their long list of crimes. We live in a world where the Babylon Bee, a satire site, has been banned on Twitter for a joke. My tiny handful of online stalkers go off the rails when I write a sci fi novel that doesn’t have any politics in it – so this is bound to ratchet up their pseudo-anxiety.  In many ways, they served as an inspiration that prodded me to get this book printed.  The more they spread lies about me, slandered me, twisted my words, the more I felt the need to write this book – if only to give them a legitimate reason to be pissed off.  If they keep it up, I’ll do more of this kind of stuff, simply because it will give them nothing but ulcers and frustration.  In other words, utter woke morons were my muse on this project.

To be clear, this is a book for a conservative reader. It is designed to be close enough to reality to make readers cringe on both sides of the political spectrum.  Good satire does that, building off of reality to the point where you question if the humor is real or fiction.  It’s sophisticated, biting, with topics that are firmly based in reality.  After all, the real world is the best source for political humor.  As I watched Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, it was interesting and disturbing how accurate my chapter on the Democratic Party Tactics was. 

So who is this book for?  Anyone who is a political junkie – that was my target market.  I like to think if you are running a political campaign, this could be a good sourcebook. Since the real world was a source, many of things in the book, such as the tactics of the Progressives, would be useful to any politician. 

Obviously I encourage you to buy the book and tell your friends about it if you like it. In these troubling times, can’t we all use a good chuckle?

Here’s the link to purchasing either the Kindle or paperback versions: Democratic Playbook – Election 2020 Edition

…and the link to the Paperback

“This book should be banned!” AOC


Review of 360 Degrees: Keeping Your Head on a Swivel by Jack Hickey

You can read it in a day and it can change your way of thinking for your life

I will open with a disclaimer, Jack is a friend of mine. When he told me he was writing a book, I was hoping it was a tell-all autobiography.  Jack and the company he founded provide personal protection services from international diplomats, American politicians, and media celebrities. When I saw what he was working on was a how-to for people that travel aboard; a guide on how to protect yourself, well, I had to have a copy. 

My wife and I spend a lot of time with Jack and his wife and he lives by the tenants in this book and frankly, since I have picked up a crazed stalker who threatened my life and still rants about me online, I have adopted some of these myself. This is a short book, 79 pages, but it is crisply written and to the point. More importantly, you can adopt many principles quickly and easily.

The author maintains you need to maintain a constant sense of your surroundings, hence the title.  He breaks down the spheres of personal boundaries and where threats come from.  There’s a chapter on how to deal with an active shooter scenario. I found his lessons on stalking to be my most pertinent chapter, for obvious reasons.  

The book provides you with details about where to sit in restaurant, a movie theater, or on an airplane.  There’s a chapter dedicated to security in hotels – something that any traveler should read.  There’s another section on personal defense weapons which is useful as well.  The kidnapping chapter was intriguing to read too. 

The book is written by a true and recognized professional in personal security. It’s not some fluff piece, but is based on examples that are provided in the narrative.

I recommend this book, not because I know the author but because there are things in it that you can apply almost instantly—things that can save your life or reduce your risk.  We live in a world of threats and dangers, and 360 Degrees is a must-read.  It is better to be pro-active than forced to be reactive. 

Review of:  Shut Up!: The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment – By Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan

Worth adding to your reading list

This began innocently enough.  I wrote an op ed for PJ Media about my own experiences with woke warriors slandering and harassing me.   Megan reached out to me to be on her podcast to dive deeper about the subject since she had experiences paralleling some of my own.  We shared a bond – we were conservatives who had threats on our lives by leftist stalker extremists. Megan said she was picking up my book, Blue Dawn, so I purchased Shut Up! I’m a big believer that conservative authors and artists need to stick together given what is thrown at us. She didn’t ask me to read her book, I did it on my own and I’m glad I did.

I took the book with me on our vacation to Savannah and Florida last week and devoured it.  On the surface, it begins with a real-life premise that Megan encountered.  She had taken her children to the Orland Park Public Library and saw a patron using the public computer to view pornography.  The library didn’t call the police, in fact, their stance was that it was his First Amendment right!  This was the fuse that was lit on a bomb that that blew up in the library’s proverbial face in terms of its twisted leftist policies, its criminal practices, and the openly corrupt American Library Association.

Thanks to a barrage of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, Megan and her cohort, Kevin DuJan, learned this was not an isolated incident.  In fact, child pornographers had used the library before to not only view porn, but to masturbate in the library.  The library staff did nothing, but citizens did contact the authorities. 

Things escalated when the library broke the law…multiple times, in responding to FOIA’s, violating the Open Meetings Act, and a twisted myriad of other criminal activities (such as using public money to purchase jewelry).  The library staff used the police to harass Megan and Kevin, they filed bogus lawsuits – all of which were tossed out of court…and they waged a negative public relations campaign with the media to defame the authors. 

All because they refused to install internet filters and turn the PC’s around so the librarians could see what patrons were pulling up!

The library spent a lot of money and effort fighting to protect pornography in a public building.  The incident even spilled over to Saturday Night Live.  This is a rollercoaster ride into the world of twisted politics of small towns and big organizations. Megan and Kevin uncovered wrongdoing everywhere they looked, and the more the library fought, the deeper they dug their own hole.  

I loved the book because it’s not about a local library problem.  Megan and Kevin elevate the issues they faced to the broader context of what many conservatives and concerned parents find themselves up against. Both authors tell side stories that blend seamlessly into the events they were struggling against at the time. 

The tone is snarky…at least that is one of the best words I could latch onto to describe it.  I really enjoy that the authors come up with little nicknames for their foes…that’s something I do as well.  Some of them made me chuckle out loud while reading it.  How they describe their opposition is blunt, humorous, and conjures up images in your mind that mirror the photographs the authors provided.  Where many non-fiction books come across as dry, the authors have done a great job of engaging the reader.  By the end of the story you will know Megan and Kevin quite well. 

Shut Up! is a book that I recommend to fellow conservatives, both as a form of entertainment – and a cautionary tale.  Outstanding work!

Review of Death Ray Designs Solar Shift Miniatures

A random sampling of Death Ray’s 6mm line. Note: I did mount the ‘Mech on a Creative Juggernaut terrain base – they come with a flat hex base however.

I had an opportunity to grab a few of these models a while back and was sincerely pleased with what I received.  They are on the same scale as BattleTech miniatures, which is helpful for the games I tend to play.  While not ‘official’ BattleTech minis, they are compatible.  Given how many people design their own ‘Mechs, they can be easily integrated into your campaign. 

For me, the vehicles are my favorites. As you can see with the image provided, they have big artillery pieces, hovercraft, tanks – a lot of variety.  I am one of those people that prefer plastics/resin over metal – and in this space Death Ray Designs has a lot to offer that are close enough to be used for BattleTech counterparts.   

Let’s talk quality.  The larger models have incredibly minor mold markings.  I cannot tell if these have been 3D printed with resin, or cast.  Either way, the larger minis are quite clean and come out of the package ready to prime and paint. They hold the paint fairly well, though I knocked one over and had some chipping – but by the same token if it had been a metal mini, I would have had that and some bending to do…so I wouldn’t count this as a real issue.

I did pick up some infantry – they have a broad line of generic infantry that are in 6mm scale which fit a lot of sci fi games.  These clearly had been 3D printed because they still had the supports. I broke two infantry trying to cut them out – acceptable losses which were easily repaired.  I can see these are useful for Alpha Strike, but be prepared for a lot of tedious work with tiny parts.

Jump infantry (unpainted)

Are these worth the investment? That depends on your needs.  The big Kogasu ‘Mech I painted in the picture runs $18.00 US.  That is pretty much what you would pay for any metal assault mini.  Overall, I’m pleased with the artillery pieces and am using them in lieu of Long Tom artillery and I’m using their hovercraft in my games. It really comes down to a matter of taste and preference.  I encourage you to go to their website Death Ray Designs Solar Shift and browse their offerings. 

My recommendation…if you are looking for alternate sources for minis, some of which are close mirrors of BattleTech minis, you need to spend some time checking out Death Ray Designs. 

Non-Spoiler Review of Reacher on Amazon Prime

This guy – not tiny Tom Cruise – is the Reacher we all deserve

The action-hero thriller genre of novels is as American as Westerns. We like heroes that are bigger than life, who can do things we can’t, who are put in bad situations and have to overcome them. We love stories of a character rising above overwhelming odds to be triumphant.

A friend got me to read some of the Jack Reacher novels and I was always struck with a consistent image of the character. He was big, physically intimidating. Reacher was a bit of a Sherlock Holmes in terms of his logic and thinking. Reacher never starts trouble, it seems to find him. He was a loner. The thought that he traveled with no baggage and bought his clothing in a thrift shop was always kind of neat. Reacher also never kills people that don’t need to be killed, and even then, only when he has to. Reacher has no bravado about him…he is a calm professional.

Somehow that never fit the Tom Cruise image. He’s a good actor, but he didn’t look like the Jack Reacher I had in my mind from the books.

The actor that plays him in the Amazon Prime series Reacher is Alan Ritchson. Make no mistake, this is how Jack Reacher looks, talks, walks, and acts. It is stunningly accurate to the novels, which is something as an author, I fully appreciate. This series has really captured the flair of the novels – with this first season focusing on one of the novels. I hope this is a format they intend to follow going forward.

Some of the scenes are perfectly written and executed. Reacher dealing with the four guys at his hotel room still makes me chuckle. Reacher with the dog…excellent. I won’t spoil them for you, but I am confident you will enjoy them as well.

My best litmus test for an action series or movie is simple, ‘Does my wife like it?’ If it’s too violent, too over-the-top, too confusing of a plot – she will not watch it with me.

We devoured this one together. Bingo!

Look, there’s violence in this series. There’s some nudity too, but that stuff doesn’t drive the storyline. The plot is complex, but digestible. The writing and the acting are outstanding and this series is one that you are going to want to watch. I highly recommend you take some time and watch Reacher.

Review of The Expanse Role Playing Game

A great series, a great RPG that is worthy of it.

Green Ronin does a great job at producing RPG’s and their adaptation of the highly successful Expanse series is no exception.  I personally feel a little late to the game – I’ve only finished four of the novels and have watched two of the seasons of the series on Amazon at this point.  Still, it is more than enough to jump in for a fast review of the RPG. 

This game is set between the first two books of the series. Do you need to read the books or watch the series to play it?  No, but it REALLY helps.  In fact a lot of the writing makes that assumption. Taking on this game without reading the books or watching the series might be difficult. 

The game has some neat mechanics.  The boldest is to end the concept of hit points, replacing it with something called Fortune. It’s a little complicated, but fortune allows you some modification of the die rolls and you need to retain a bank of it for when things go sideways – which they can in this game. This is augmented by your character’s Condition (example: fatigue or injured) which makes this more of a narrative role playing game than a murder-hobo-athon.

Churn is a neat tool for gamemasters too. There is a pool for characters that can be increased and decreased based on die roles in the game.  At certain trigger points, the churn can introduce setbacks and complications for the characters.  I will admit, it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around this but it is a neat concept, if you have a good gamemaster running your session.   

This is a RPG with a level of sophistication with it. The Expanse universe is more of a hard-core sci fi experience and the game captures this.  Space travel is explained, which reminded me of an attempt to simplify some of the complexities of the physics of space travel so that it is playable.  The writers did an admirable job of giving me a physics lecture that didn’t feel like a physics lecture…though I must admit, this was some of the more complicated parts of the game to fully understand. 

One thing I love about this game is the level of organization and layout.  Game companies rarely get credit for good layout, but it is critical.  This is an area where Green Ronin sings. 

The artwork is both stunningly brilliant and consistent.  I always struggle with game products that have a wide variety of art styles in a book. My personal preference is to have on style throughout a product – but that is a personal preference.

This book opens with a short story by James S.A. Corey which helps set the tone. So even if you don’t want to play, if you enjoy the books – this is a treat.

If you like the series (books or shows) then this is product worth picking up.  While there is a learning curve with the innovative mechanics, it is well worth the effort. 

Update as of 31 January 2022 – Fans in My BattleTech Fiction

The Battle of the Fargo Washes I love the pew-pew from the Enfield.

With the release of No Substitute for Victory over the weekend, I have added to the BattleTech pantheon a list of names used for places and people in the universe. 

No Substitute for Victory is a story of great characters testing their wills, both on and off of the battlefield. Both sides are right, yet both are wrong. They push each other to the brink of endurance and beyond. There are plenty of twists and turns to the story. Wills are tested throughout. Hopefully even the most vocal Jade Falcon hater will likely find themselves rooting for Hasara and Guice.   

This list demonstrates exactly how much I openly embrace the fantastic fan community that drives BattleTech. I’m a fan myself.  Even before we had paid-canon characters, I was including fans in my fiction, letting them slug it out on distant planets.  

I want to do a special callout in this list to Paul “Cono” Galatis.  I was reached out to by a member of his family who told me that he was a BattleTech fan who had passed away and they wondered if I could somehow commemorate him.  A special ‘Seyla!’ to him and his loved ones as he plays a pretty neat role in this book.   

So here are the fans I had the honor to include in this latest saga.  Heroes all! 

No Substitute for Victory

(KS)  Thomas Lee Anderson – Fuguzawaz

(KS)  Michael Cohen – Vandervecken

(KS)  Jones Devlin

(KS)  Ashley D. Nichols – Jarrad Hill

Patrick Hendrix Arellano

James Coil

Andrew Firebaugh

Paul “Cono” Galatis

Wolf Gerhäusser

Greg Hartford

Andrew Hasara

Michael Holland

Mike Lombardi

Andrew Marlow

Marco Mollison

Tristan “Scott” Montieth

Kevin Navia

J.Paul Okerlund

George Precious

Chris Richardson

Samantha Rife

James Rucker

Nolan Tomlinson

Karen Winstanley

Robb Wyer


(KS) Dennis Busse for Kerek Helmer

(KS) Chris Fernandez for Slynkers Mercer

(KS) Jason Gollogly for Tyrilla Heller

(KS) Matt Kudrick for Matthew Nash

(KS) Leif Lann for Anjij Nuyriev

Christopher Barghausen

Daniel Corrigan

Ian Morgan Coutt

Mario Garzolini

Brent Kynell

Jeff Rietman

Stanislav Shimuk

Hour of the Wolf

(KS) Robin Apel

(KS) William (Will) Arnold

(KS) Ian Butler—Brigadier Graham Badinov

(KS) Andreas Büttner—Druss Ward

(KS) Colby Cram

(KS) Dr. Randolph P. Checkers, Esq.

(KS) Craig Evans—Pharaoh

(KS) Kevin Markley

(KS) Eris Griffon

(KS) Raymond Guethler

(KS) Justin Hall

(KS) John Healy—Physician Hobgood

(KS) Spencer Huff—Khalus Pryde

(KS) Aleksey Kopysov—Kaor

(KS) Chris Kornfeld

(KS) Aaron Krull

(KS) Andrew Krull

(KS) Jason Mayberry – Kai Nihari

(KS) Brendan (Bren) Mayhugh

(KS) Jason Mischke—Stroud

(KS) Daniel Nichols—Janus

(KS) Matthias Pfaff—Amanda McKenna

(KS) Shawn Rains—Colton Mcleod

(KS) Marvin Sims—Marv Roshak

(KS) Aaron Tarr—Star Colonel Kalidessa Kerensky

(KS) Jakapan Thunpithayakul

(KS) Christopher Toh—Merlin Buhallin

(KS) John Traver—Jack Traver

(KS) Jathniel Velazquez—Jathniel Kerensky

(KS) John Watson

(KS) Michael Mahoney—Sorsha

(KS) Lyle Wojciechowski—Star Colonel Havi Bekker

David Abzug

David Baker

Agustin Sierio Barj

Matthew Behrens

Ted Burger

Billy J. Caldwell

Kim Chapman

John “Fratricide” Craig

Paco Cubillo

Amy Delaney

Benno deJong

Stephen Dukes

David DuJordan

Adolfo Fernandez

William Fife

Noran Ghall

Oliver Haake

Thomas Heath

James “Tanker” Herring

Dirk “Derek” Kobler

Jean-Jacques Labbé

Jeff Lamm

Chew Hwee Leong

Joshua Adam Lonbom

Brianne Elizabeth Lyons

Dean Manning

John McNary

Jared Micks

Ed Miller

Joe Mooney

Rolf Peter

Max Prohaska

Andrew Quay

Krzysztof Strato Raczyński

Keith Richmond

Jamie Rife

Andrew Roy

Sebastian Schröder

Rowland Seckinger III

Volkmar Seifert

David Skinner

Jeremy Spurlock

Travis Sumpter

Lonnie Tapscott

Paul Tomaszewski

Cory Vigdal

Josh Waltz

Powers Wartman

Ben Weingart

Shawn “Gorilla” Willett

Ludvig Yabar

Sharizal Zarie

The Burdens of Honor

Cymril Tseng, Star Commander of Clan Ghost Bear

Tai-i Adam Cunningham (Kaningamu) of the Draconis Combine

Tai-sa David Vivas of the Draconis Combine.

Tabor Heine, contributing for his daughter Charlotte, Warrior of Clan Ghost Bear

Jason Cabral, Cabral, Ghost Bear Warrior

Mason Kortz, Roman Tseng, Ghost Bear Warrior

Eric Stockard, Christine Rosenfeld, ComStar ROM

Seth James, Malik Feff, ISF Agent

Lawrence Greenwood

Children of Kerensky

David Abzug

Agustin Sierio Barj

Elmer Lee Bechdoldt

Dennis Busse, for Kerek

Dr. Randolph P. Checkers, Esq. (Yo Tex!)

Michael “Brent-Killer” Ciaravella

Xander Cosgrave

Olaf Dittmar

David “Dunny” Dunlap

James Doughty, for TacShadow

Adolfo Fernandez

Jason Gambrel

Adam Grimm

Oliver Haake

Claire Harpham

Hannes Hinterberger

Michael Hofacker

Jerry Hornick

Spencer Huff, for Khalus Pryde

Rylan Thane Ingram

Franz Jelinek

Ka’u Johnston-Kitazawa

Artem Kostyukov

Josh Koziura

Jean-Jacques Labbé

James Lee, for Jamie Hazen

Larry Leslie II

Kevin Markley

Marco Mazzoni

Tackett McClenny

Thomas “Dreacon” Miller

Todd More, for (Mike) Wallace

Shane Overstreet

Stephen Parac

Stephan “Warbear” Peter

Juergen Schneidemesser

Rowland Seckinger III

Jeremy Spurlock

Rob Watkins

Sharizal Zarie

The Bonds of Battle

Star Commander Cymril Tseng, Clan Ghost Bear

Adam Bear, (Kaningamu), contributed by Gregory Adam Cunningham, formerly of the Draconis Combine, now bondsman to Clan Ghost Bear

Tai-sa David Vivas, of the Draconis Combine

Tabor Heine, contributing for his daughter Charlotte Warrior of Clan Ghost Bear

William James Hamblin, Chu-i Biru Hamblin of the Draconis Combine

Chu-i Ayden Ryken, of the Draconis Combine

Chu-i Carrie Shumar, of the Draconis Combine

Sho-ko Mateo Vaux, of the Draconis Combine

Jason Cabral, Cabral, Ghost Bear Warrior

Kashira Jack ‘Reverend’ Benner, Sonkei-suru Benner of the Draconis Combine

Rock of the Republic

Eric Kraaier

Jean-Jacques Labbé

Ed Miller

Stanislav Shimuk

Travis Sumpter

Jakapan Thunpithayakul

Jonathan Warrington

The Flames of Idlewind (Shrapnel #1)

Marc de Villasante Lahoz

Euan James

Ronald Ledwon

Daniel Leskov

Matthias Pfaff

Benjamin Tang

Divided We Fall

Michael Barber

Timothy Byrne

Felipe Cintron

John “Doc” Crouch

Tony Deegan

Jared Donner

Wes Frenz

Jürgen Frey

John Gaisano III

Ed Hatchel

Matthew Hinks

Hannes Hinterberger

Robert BJ Horncastle

Cal Hornstien

Garry Jackson

Alex Kaempen

Kristopher Tyson Koniczek

Andrew Krull

Wayne Ledbetter

Brianne Elizabeth Lyons

Joseph McEachern

Joshua McHugh

Roderick van Noorloos

William C. Pelcham

Lon Porter

Corey Riordan

Nicholas Roche

Andrew Roy

Patrick J. Saul

Sebastian Schröder

Kevin Seibert

Richard Skelton

Andrew Sternglass

Jason Tuttle

Matt Valgardson

Derek Weese

Jason Weiser

Scott Whyte

The Anvil

Moses Obadiah

Nicholas Tockert

David DiFranco

Eric Belcher

Clifford McKinney

Jeff Sockwell

Daryl Noonan

Jonathon Scott Schofield

Cord Awtry

Ryan James Broadhead

Ben Myers

Troy Lee Cowell

Krzysztof Krecislaw

Chad Parish

Jack Lafreniere

Joshua Bressel

Marcus Odekirk

Robert Ostrowski

Mark Havener

George Tholburn

Erik Helgeson

Winter Guite

Jukka-Emil Vanaja

Christopher Turco

Juan Ochoa Jr.

Steven Molen

Broccán Mac Rónáin

Kenyon Burguess

Dave Alsager

Forever Faithful

Benjamin Starkey

Av Paredes

Adam Mckern

Brian Blaney

Trixter Phillips

Alexander JW De Santis

Jamie Rife

Brandon Fisher

Andrew Gardenhire

Todd Farnholtz

Clint Woodall

Clifford McKinney

Adam Thompson

Ray Arrista

James McHenry

Patrick Finnegan

Oliver Kraft

Camille Klein

Shane Jaskowiak

Shawn Bruno

Colin Duffy

James Eyers Mclean Miller

Nathan Pelchat

Josh Ellis

Craig Gulledge

Peter Farland

Eric Eny

James Bixby

Thomas Lagemann

Craig Reed

Mike Lubowitzki

Devin Ramsey

Dustin Ballard

‎Jose Alvarez‎

Aaron Gregory

Bradley Proffitt

Dean Manning

Brian Chiasson

David Shell

Keegan Reid

Sam Snell

Alex Clarke

Redemption and Malice

Derek King

Gerry S. Xydis

Jack Halloran

Rules of Engagement – Released for the Kickstarter

Cymril Tseng, Star Commander of Clan Ghost Bear

Tai-i Adam Cunningham (Kaningamu) of the Draconis Combine

Tai-sa David Vivas, of the Draconis Combine

Tabor Heine, contributing for his daughter Charlotte Warrior of Clan Ghost Bear