Confederacy of Fear – Book Three of the Blue Dawn Series – Releases Today

Out now in Kindle and paperback. The audiobook is coming soon!

I am pleased to announce that Confederacy of Fear has released.  Published by Defiance Press, this book is the third of the Blue Dawn series.  This carries the story forward from the end of A Most Uncivil War.

For me, this series holds a special place in my heart.  It’s not the details of the universe like Social Quarantine Camps, Reparation Points, the rewriting of American History, the corruption of our icons, the use of Social Enforcers, or the imposition of a Truth Reconciliation Committee. Those are merely window dressing, bits and pieces of a tapestry of a twisted and changed America. I based these bits of backdrop on real world policies, suggestions, or attempts on the part of politicians.   

What makes the stories so exciting for me is the characters.  You can’t tell good stories without remarkable characters.  This series has a lot of them.  Caylee, the former operative of the NSF.  Raul, a young man caught in a whirlwind of defiant uprising, a prisoner of his own success.  Charli, head of the Secret Service with her own dark past. Andy, a man forced into being a freedom fighter.  Jack, the President’s Chief of Staff and the leader of the Sons of Liberty – a man that never let the fires of liberty die. General Trip Reager, a man that lost everything to the progressives, who is now charged with fighting a second American civil war. Deja Jordan, a Social Enforcer, now the darling of the Newmerican government for her capture of Raul.

Into this mix two new characters emerge – Su-Hui Zhou, a refugee from fallen Taiwan. General James Donaldson, a man that betrayed his former commander in chief who is in command of stomping out the Americans. 

This is a book where political thriller meets contemporary military fiction.  For me, this is where I like to play as a writer.  This is a nation divided, with passions on both sides of the political spectrum.  Readers will pick up where they left off.  Raul has been captured and sent to the Supermax prison in Colorado.  Caylee, Charli, Andy, and others are hell-bent on getting him out of there, setting the stage for some real fun and exciting tales.  Meanwhile war erupts in Georgia and New Hampshire as the Newmerican government refuses to accept the election results.  Fans of the series – buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.  Slap, rack and roll – there’s a war on. The audiobook for Confederacy should be coming any time now.  Let your friends know if you like the series.  Book four, No Greater Tyranny, is at the publisher right now and I am on the verge of finishing book five, Patrons of Terror.

Bonus Fiction for Confederacy of Fear – From the Blue Dawn Series – One Island Alone

Coming next week – 24 January

Confederacy of Fear releases on the 24th of January. As with all of the Blue Dawn series, I introduce some new characters. One of my favorites is Su-Hui Zhou. He and his family are refugees from Taiwan. While I discuss this in the novel, I thought it might be good to actually provide the scene of his departure and what led to the fall of Taiwan in that universe. This story doesn’t have any spoilers – it simply fills a neat gap in a character background.

Is this feasible or realistic? Everyone is bound to have their own opinion. 

So, to set you up for Confederacy of Fear allow me to present, One Island Alone. 

Hualien County, Taiwan, Republic of China

Su-Hui hustled his family down the crowded streets. It was as if the entire city…no, the entire country, was rushing to the western side of the island in the last few hours.  He understood the panic that was on the faces of everyone that he saw. Taipei had fallen to the Chinese the day before.  People fled the invaders, even though they were on a small island and fleeing didn’t get you far. It was a deeply human reaction, to get away from danger.

The war for Taiwan had only recently turned bloody. The Chinese had savored to bring the ‘breakaway republic’ back under their thumb for decades. When they made their move, it was not what everyone had anticipated; a decisive military strike. Instead, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy interdicted the island, calling it a quarantine – blockading incoming food and fuel. They avoided the word blockade, purely for political reasons – blockades were acts of war. Even with rationing, the population had only a months’ worth of power and provisions. The Republic of China Air Force attempting to confront the PLA Navy, valiantly sinking one capital ship and badly damaging two others before being engaged in an air battle where the overwhelming PLA numbers devoured the brave Taiwanese. It was a brief and quick Battle of Britain moment, but this time the bad guys won.

Cries went out to the international community to come to Taiwan’s aid. There were pledges of weapons and humanitarian assistance, none of which had arrived. Transports and aircraft did not dare attempt to push through the Chinese interdiction zone that surrounded the island nation.  The pleas to the United States were met with an eerie silence at first. The coup there that had resulted in the new nation, Newmerica, had put their foreign policy in a tailspin. Each passing day that the United States didn’t respond was a signal to the Chinese to continue to execute their plans of conquest. 

Su-Hui had his own theories about the Newmerican’s involvement.  They are almost as socialist as mainland China. There were stories of camps, Social Quarantine, coming from Newmerica. Dissident voices disappeared overnight. There were stories of an arrested President dying in prison, and other important officials simply being erased from online content. They don’t want to rock the boat with China. They fear for their fragile supply chain, and the Chinese know that. 

At first, Su-Hui had continued to go to his job at Formosa Plastics, as he had every other day. Many people expected the invasion at any moment, but not him.  He had served in the Republic of China Army (ROCA) for two years on duty, and eight years in reserve. Where other people fidgeted and feared what was coming, he knew it wouldn’t come until the blockade did its damage. They don’t have to invade, they can starve us to death.  After two weeks, his business was shut down to conserve energy. Sabotage followed, blowing up several power transfer stations, plunging parts of the island into darkness.  One group of Chinese terrorists struck at one of the national oil reserves, ensuring that power losses would be coming soon…and they did. We should have expected fifth columnists operating here…we should have known better. 

The Newmericans claimed they would move air assets to the Philippines to support Taiwan but that nation denied them access.  They had been courted by the Chinese before the start of the interdiction and money secured alliance. The Chinese sent a naval task force off of the coast of Japan – forcing the Japanese to pressure the Americans to not use their air bases in that country. That same task force put Okinawa at risk. The North Koreans began beating their war drums as well, keeping the Newmericans forced to counter their buildup along the DMZ. I wonder how the Chinese enticed them? A Chinese naval ship parked outside of the Panama Canal as well, an unspoken warning. China was playing chess, while Newmerica was struggling for a stalemate game of Tic-Tac-Toe. 

The much touted sanctions Newmerica swore would being China to its knees were symbolic more than effective.  The United States is more interested in keeping its Walmart’s stocked than saving us. Everyone was using the right language, demanding China end the quarantine – but none were willing to go to war with China to help his people.  Words and threats are impotent against men with guns.

The day before he had moved his family, reports flooded the airwaves of Chinese forces landing. The Chinese were clearly over with their stalemate – they were coming in force.  The sounds of battle echoed off the hills, the booms of distant firing. 

Su-Hui saw the handwriting on the wall, Newmerica was not coming, nor was anyone else.  That was why he relied on himself for survival.  He had purchased the sailboat years ago and enjoyed short trips along the coastline of Taiwan.  After the brisk and vicious battles to hold off the Chinese, the military began to dissolve.  This was further fueled when his government began negotiations with the Chinese when the food supplies dwindled and riots broke out.  There was no doubt that the riots and looting was spurred on by Chinese infiltrators.  Now the Chinese had taken Taipei.  The time had come to depart. 

He had his brother in-law go to his sailboat and load it with supplies while Su-Hui assembled his family.  Hatchi, his wife, wore an overstuffed hiking backpack, his young son dragged a duffle, and his daughter, Ya-Ting, pulled two roller bags. His mother had a bag slung on a shoulder. Su-Hui had his hiking pack filled as well, but the most important piece of gear he had, a handgun, was in his cargo shorts pocket. Most Taiwanese frowned on owning guns, but Su-Hui’s father had carried one for protection and he now carried it.  He hoped it wouldn’t have to use it, but was fully prepared to do so.

The crowd seemed to get thicker and angrier the closer he got to the boat slips.  There was a smell in the air, a mix of the ocean breeze nearly obliterated with the stench of human body odor.  There were guards there, trying to keep people back…hopelessly outnumbered by the mob.  The sound of all of the voices talking and yelling was indecipherable, it was as if everyone in an orchestra were playing at once, all a different song.  Su-Hui elbowed and shoved his way forward so that he reached one of the guards with a clipboard. 

“I am Su-Hui Zhou – I have a boat here,” he yelled. 

The man seemed almost disinterested by the crowd surging at his security team.  He casually pulled up the clipboard and flipped through the pages.  “Identity card,” he said, apparently having found his Sui-Hui in his list. Fumbling for a moment, he pulled out his wallet and his ID card.  “I have brought my family with me.” 

The man didn’t make eye contact with him.  Perhaps that makes his job easier, not looking at the people he’s holding back. He motioned them past one of the guards and they squeezed through the gathered crowd. Three others attempted to follow them. “We are with them!” the young man said, shoving forward.

Su-Hui looked at the stranger, then to the man with the clipboard. “Are they with you?”

A part of him wanted to say yes. There might be room on his sailboat, but he had no idea how long they might be at sea.  Even with the food they had brought, it might be a long and hungry voyage.  Bringing the strangers along would introduce a risk that he was unprepared to make, no matter how much he wanted to. It was a cold calculation to make. This is about survival – my families. “I don’t know who they are,” he replied.  The guards at the boat slip pushed the strangers back into the mass with some degree of difficulty. There are so many people here, it is going to get out of hand at some point.

As they hurried to the dock where his boat was moored, he had expected to see his brother in-law at the sailboat, but he was nowhere to be seen as they board.  Cries from the crowd some 80 meters away tore at him.  “Don’t leave us…take us with you!”  He did his best to ignore them.

Stepping board the ship, he turned to help Hachi and his mother aboard, then the children.  He asked them to go below while he prepared to get underway and they did so without hesitation.  When he moved to the cabin, he glanced in the cabin.  The supplies looked like they were there, but there was no sign of Chun-chieh, his brother in-law.  Hachi called his name out several times, but there was no response.

Hachi’s face slid to one of panic – at least he could see that. Hachi was good at hiding her emotions, but he saw it. “Where is Chun-chieh?” she asked.

Su-Hui pulled out his cell phone and tried to call, but only got a disconnection tone. The cell phone system on the island had been pressed to the limit from the start of the blockade.  He tried two more times, but could not connect. “I cannot reach him.” 

Hachi tried too, and Su-Hui heard the same tone.  He moved to the sail storage and began the work of hooking them up and hoisting them up the masts. “Try texting him,” he suggested to his wife as he worked.

It took a half an hour to get the sails up and properly tied off.  He wouldn’t need them until they were clear of the harbor.  He went to the cabin and checked – yes, we have a full load of fuel. Mentally he went over the checklist of what he needed to do to get underway.  All we have to do is untie and start the engine. 

Returning to the deck, he joined his wife. “Anything?”

She shook her head.  He was here at some point, that is obvious.  Why did he leave?  His brother in-law had always been a bit erratic.  His train of thought was immediately derailed by a commotion at the edge of the pier.  The crowd was starting to get violent, shoving the security people back, the volume of their voice rose, as did the terseness of them.  It was clear that things were on the verge of getting out of hand. 

One man pushed past the guards, then another, running for the docks. The man, in his 20’s, charged for Su-Hui’s boat, clearly intent on jumping aboard. Su-Hui drew the pistol from his shorts pocket and held it with both hands, aiming it the young man. “Stop right there.”

“Take me with you,” he demanded. 

“Walk away.”  I won’t put my family at risk for you. 

“I can pay.”

Su-Hui was too tense to laugh, but he wanted to. Money no longer has meaning. “Stay back and you won’t get hurt.” 

The young man cracked a coy smile, as if he knew something that Su-Hui didn’t.  “You won’t shoot me. Just let me aboard.  You can trust me.” 

He put his foot on his boat, and Su-Hui fired. The gun kicked hard in his hands, making his elbows ache.  The shot hit the man in the arm, a spray of blood squirted from the wound and the man spun under the impact, falling on the pier. He crawled back from the boat.  His cocky expression had been replaced with one of pain and fear. Su-Hui regretted shooting him, but he was already taking great risk in trying to sail away. This was a matter of survival.  

Su-Hui moved to the moorings and untied the boat with one hand, holding the gun with the other.  Turning to Hachi, he handed her the gun.  “If he or anyone else tries to get aboard, fire at them.”  She nodded. He didn’t know where Chun-chieh was, it no longer mattered.  Soon the guard would be overwhelmed and there would be a rush for every boat. 

Reaching the cabin, he started the engine.  Slowly his sailboat slid away from the dock – away from the only home he had ever known.  Once he angled toward the open sea, he returned to the back of the boat where he found his family.  All of them were looking back at the docks, back at Taiwan.  He wondered if he would ever be able to return.  What will be left of my country now that the Chinese are here?

Did you like this little freebie?  Want to read more?  Confederacy of Fear is available for preorder right now!  

Splashdown is out and I am loving it

The launch of Splashdown, the first book in the Land&Sea ™ series, is gratifying personal experience on a number of levels.  Starting today, people can start to enjoy something that I spent a lot of time carefully crafting with Brent, Eric, and the rest of the team. It is a story with many perspectives and viewpoints. The protagonists are far from perfect, they are human beings after all.  Despite their flaws they rise to the occasion and face a relentless enemy that they do not fully understand or comprehend. They must deal with technology that is vastly different than their own, and an enemy that seems to lack fear. 

This is a story that mixes a bit of Tom Clancy, with the Expanse, with a big dollop of Mech combat, and a juicy chunk of Red Dawn thrown in for good measure.  Splashdown does a lot of the world building and character establishment – the perfect entry point for this new universe. 

In the middle of last year, I wasn’t sure I’d be writing about big stompy robots. The cancel culture crowd, led by a now-confessed liar, had gotten me cancelled. A handful of people suddenly broke out the digital pitchforks and torches and wanted me expunged from society; that, or to never write again.  People I thought were my friends, who claimed they were supporters, betrayed me. Rather than simply not purchase my books, the woke mob wanted to make sure other people couldn’t read them – the ugliest form of censorship. It was against everything I believe in as an American. There were a few dark days.  I had a lot of great story and series ideas, but I did miss Mecha and the pew-pew-whoosh-boom of battle. After all, I had been entertaining fans of BattleTech for over three decades.  All I wanted to do was write good books, the kind of books I love to read. I knew deep down that I had to prevail over the censorship crowd.

Out of the shadows of cancellation, the opportunities came at me fast and furious. I met some fantastic people, like the team at WarGate. I made new friends who wrote the stuff I’d been enjoying for a long time.  A lot of fellow authors reached out to me, along with longtime fans. I found strength in being right and not compromising my values. I grew my circle and my tribe.  The time had come for me to move forward, rather than try and clutch onto my past.

Splashdown will have some appeal to fans of my BattleTech writing, but honestly, the audience is much larger. This is not a reskin of BattleTech’s universe. The Land&Sea universe has more combined arms battles, centered more on real-world combat. I’m not burdened with almost four decades of canon. In Land&Sea there are no big star spanning empires. We deal with the real world.  The battles that are fought are in many people’s home towns. 

Other authors will be joining the universe, telling new and exciting tales of the alien invasion. This universe is going to be big and fun. 

For me, this release is personal redemption – proof against the social justice warriors, validation that their evil plans failed. I am basking in utter satisfaction.  Much like a critical head-shot to a ‘Mech, it is deeply satisfying to win in such a bold fashion. This is my Luke Skywalker moment, “I’ll never turn to the dark side.  You have failed, your highness.” 

There will be detractors, people who will critique the book but never read a word of it. They will spin up little lies to deal with the fact that they were wrong in what they did. They have to cope with their problems and choices in life.  Me, I’ll take success.

My haters never understood one thing.  All I ever wanted to do is tell good stories about great characters. It is who I am. Creative Juggernaut’s relationship with WarGate makes that possible. Now, I don’t have editors trying to force me to change character genders or arguing about the use of the word, “fuck.” I am able to write stories with characters that readers will identify with. I get to go in directions that are bold and different. I’m working with people that genuinely have my back. More importantly, I am having a lot of fun doing it. 

I am an author. I write fiction that is fun to read. No one can take that from me.  

Pilots – mount up – we have incoming enemy on the outer markers. The rest of you grab your shit…this is not a drill!

Free Land&Sea Bonus Fiction – NSF Bravo

Another bit of bonus fiction!

Creative Juggernaut Blog

Splashdown releases 12 January 2023

Blaine here. We are almost at D-Day! Last week we had the release of the ASHUR (TM) minis and pilot’s patch. This week, some free reading material. Here’s some bonus fiction to get you intrigued with the Land&Sea (TM) universe. Share and enjoy!

Eighteen kilometers from the National Science Foundation’s Weather Station Bravo, Antarctica

Dr. AntoinetteJasper angled the Polaris HD7 snowmobile around a rise on the stark white ground.She had learned his first week at the NSF that such outcroppings could be deceptive.The month before she had hit such a ridge head-on with one of the snowmobiles and had discovered it was a thick solid chunk of ice covered with a think dusting of snow. The snowmobile was now being stripped for parts as a result. I’m not going to make that mistake twice.

Dr. Jasper ignored the short burst of biting wind as her…

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Land&Sea Merch Up For Sale – Including the Lion Class ASHUR


Creative Juggernaut Blog

You want minis – how about the Lion class ASHUR rig?  It stands 2.5 inches tall, bigger than your typical assault ‘Mech mini.  These are limited edition – first run, made in the USA. The one above is a 3D print – but the ones being shipped are cast resin.

Lion-Class ASHUR “Devil Dog” 28mm Scale Miniature – GALAXYS EDGE

“Mount up pilot!”  Not everyone is rated to pilot an ASHUR – but with these wings, you can show you are worthy.    


Some more stuff will be coming soon! Reminder – next week is the launch! If you haven’t ordered your copy of Splashdown, do so now

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For the Love of the Game Part IV…Capturing the ‘Fog of War’

You like the Expanse? You love this series

Creative Juggernaut Blog

Brent Evans here, secret sharer and creative mastermind set to once again pull the curtain back on an interesting aspect of the upcoming novel release of SPLASHDOWN

When crafting stories for any Gaming franchise, it is fun to play with tricks used to create a gaming experience and mimic them in the story. Some can be done easily, others not so much. Among the hardest I’ve ever tackled (and by “I’ve” I mean Blaine) was something called the ‘Fog of War’. If you’ve played Legend of Zelda this is an obstacle you know well – walking into a dungeon and the whole thing is blacked out, keeping you from being able to see beyond a small area around you character. In game design this is used as a tool that helps deliver small doses of incremental satisfaction at having achieved something, of exploring something totally unknown, risking unseen dangers and…

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The Cover of Confederacy of Fear

Available 24 January 2023

In full disclosure, this was not the cover I had originally planned. The Blue Dawn series always will have some American iconography on the covers of the series.  Originally, I was going to use an image from Stone Mountain, Georgia, on the cover given that it figures into a pivotal chapter of Confederacy of Fear. We got back the first pass of that cover and both the publisher and I were underwhelmed with the results.  It wasn’t that the art wasn’t great, it just didn’t have the impact we were hoping for.

Having seen the cover, I didn’t want people to associate the American cause highlighted in the book with that of the Confederate States of America. The two couldn’t be farther apart. The title, Confederacy of Fear refers to the progressive Newmericans that toppled the government. The cover should never be a distraction to the book, but should have some relevance to the story.

So I pivoted to New Hampshire as the focus. The cover depicts the New Hampshire State House under occupation by the Newmerican forces.  Hanging down is the current Newmerican flag – in the series, they change the national flag often to appease every faction in their administration.  Also hanging is the New Hampshire state flag. If you look hard, you can spot some ANTIFA graffiti as well – one of the driving forces that topples the American government in the series. 

The details count

About the flag…the Blue Dawn series is based on real events, amplified for creative effect.  While many would decry that the progressives would never change the American flag, in reality, this happens more than you might imagine.  For example – this was the alteration done when the Ukrainian President visited the Capitol. 

As such, it isn’t that far-fetched to think they would be willing to change the flag of the United States, the national anthem, the seal, even the national bird. In fact, there have been proposals on these very things. I get my best material for this series from the mouths of the radical progressives and CNN.    

In this novel, and the two subsequent ones (No Greater Tyranny and Patrons of Terror – coming soon!) New Hampshire is a key state in the second American civil war. A friend of mine, author Alu Axelman, exposed me to the state’s independence movement in the state a while back.  That inspired me to see the people of New Hampshire as stoutly defiant, the kind of people that would not stand for the Newmerican’s attempts to hold onto power. Revolution in the form of the Defiance, in my books, is inevitable. 

The resistance to Newmerica – the Defiance, has a fun name all on its own. It is the name of the publisher of the series as well. That was intentional.  Now all I have to do is convince the publisher that we need some merch – t-shirts and stuff, to support that. 

The New Hampshire State House and its occupants play key roles in the story. In Confederacy of Fear, that building represents the will of the people of the Granite State.  It is a link to their past and stands for their future as well. As such, it made a great choice for the cover…showing a free people under enemy occupation.  I love the feeling the cover conveys of you peering through the razorwire at the Newmerican progressives holding state house hostage. 

The paperback of Confederacy of Fear will be available January 24 as will the Kindle version.  Yes, the audiobook is coming too. 


My online stalker, J**** now admits that the persona that he used to wage his campaign against me, Faith McClosky, was a complete fake. I was on vacation when this went down, I was inundated with emails and messages of support. Thank you to all of you that reached out to me about this. I’m not going to provide a link his blog post because I refuse to validate this individual’s mental problems further.  I was going to say nothing, but why let this person have any sway over the narrative? 

It is tempting to say, “I told you so,” but I already did. For me, this “confession” was old news. Law enforcement long ago revealed that what he claimed to be online was a fabrication.  I exposed it back in July of 2021, The Truth about Faith McClosky.  Moreover, I informed Catalyst of the details of this at the time, even providing documentation.

I doubt seriously anything that J**** writes regarding turning another leaf.  Bear in mind, he admitted that he created a fake ID and persona; while using a new fake name (Ace Kaller), and is using it to continue to spread lies and misinformation. Fake accounts, lies, and a smear campaign – it’s the same old story we have all seen before from this person. At least this time he’s not practicing identity theft by posting photos of someone he is pretending to be…but we are still early in this game.   

Why anyone believes anything this person posts, on any subject, is a mystery worthy of PhD research and study.  Amazingly, a handful of vocal BattleTech fans opted to support this utter fraud and perpetuate his lies. They embraced censorship as a justifiable solution. Mao would be proud of them. Now they simply look foolish, led by a confessed liar. A few have stood up and apologized for their roles in this – but most opt to remain cowardly silent.

To clarify a few points…prior to this, J****, under the guise of “Faith,” submitted a short story that CGL published because they believed the individual to be a female.  John Helfers told me that was one of his primary reasons for publishing the story. “BattleTech is a sausagefest.  It will be great to have a female voice.” I warned CGL that this was not a wise move but they believed that this would “appease her.”  Bottom line, J**** used his false identity to gain an advantage over other would be authors.

J**** claims he had nothing to do with my release by Catalyst.  I was shown, and possess, from Loren Coleman and other sources, the messages that J**** (and his known sock accounts,) used to engage Fanatics and Topps in this campaign. Furthermore, CGL admitted my release was because of his campaign in my conversation with their President.  I refer you to the transcripts of my call with Loren Coleman on this matter – Moving Forward.  J**** can claim whatever he desires about his involvement in this matter, but I think most people now fully understand his role. 

Consider this:  If “Faith” had never posted about me, would I still be writing BattleTech? Absolutely! The blame for my removal lies with J**** as the chief instigator of this debacle.  All he succeeded in doing is denying long-time fans the stories I had completed and in-process. 

Every time I posted about this incident, J**** under the fake persona of “Faith” claimed I was waging “transphobic attacks” as a means of deflecting his own guilt and culpability in these matters.  Those of course now are proven as lies by his own admission.  He dragged the LGBTQ community into his personal little fight with his lies, and now has smeared them in the process. I can only hope that this will not deter real members of the LGBTQ community from enjoying the universe that I contributed to for decades. 

He makes ridiculous claims that I hired a PI to harass his friends. I don’t know if he even has friends. The owner of a personal protective service who is a friend, did reach out to his probation officer at my behest to tell him that a protective order had been put in place.  That was it, period. Of course in J****’s strange world, he saw people hiding in his shrubbery spying on him at my bidding.

Keep in mind, this is a person that fantasizes about me dying. I have a thick folder of these kinds of posts.

I know a lot of you are hoping that Catalyst sees the errors of their ways and apologizes. For now, this changes nothing. This is just J**** doing what he always does, using a fake identity to continue his attacks on me. Yawn…  

I have moved on past BattleTech, both out of necessity and out of a desire to do what I love doing – writing. What was almost lost in this twisted nightmare is that I’m just a guy that wants to tell great stories. I’m pleased to say on the writing front, things are booming. The Blue Dawn series is doing great – with book three, Confederacy of Fear, releasing on January 24.  The book has been on two Amazon Hot New Releases bestseller lists. Book four, No Greater Tyranny, is at the publisher as well and I am almost done with book five, Patrons of Terror

The second American civil war continues…
Less pew pew and more boom!

For my Mecha fix, the new universe I have worked on with my company, Creative Juggernaut, Land&Sea, launches in a big way on January 12 with the release of book one – Splashdown. This near-future military sci fi novel series (and eventually a game) has already hit three Amazon bestseller lists. I just finished the fifth book in the Land&Sea series and will be starting book six this month. WarGate Publishing is great to work with, they give me a wide latitude to practice my craft, and has introduced me to a broad universe of IP’s and authors. My editor there is someone I respect, something I haven’t been able to say often in my career. I’ve also made a lot of new friends as a result of the cancel culture crowd. I get my big stompy war-robot fix every day with this new series, and staring this month, you can too.  

I don’t need BattleMechs in my life – I have ASHURs

I have a project with Baen coming out soon as well as a big surprise in the works in another awesome universe involving Mecha combat. My daughter and I are working on a true crime project. Every day BattleTech becomes something further in my past.  I miss interacting with the fans, but not as much as you might think. The fan base has a cancer in it; one introduced by J**** and allowed to spread by CGL. That’s his only lasting legacy to BattleTech.  

I have greater reach as a result to being targeted by the cancel culture mob. I have a weekly show where I interview interesting authors each week on  and I get to appear as a floating member of the Council of Future Conflicts weekly, which is awesome.

My weeks are filled with doing what I love.  I am writing more than ever and having a great time doing it. I’m working with good people who are worthy of my trust, especially the folks at Defiance Press, WarGate Publishing, and Baen Books.  The audience I am writing for is larger and his little tolerance for woke behavior. My publishers want me to write great books and I am happy to do so. I am crafting some wonderful characters and putting out stories that tens of thousands are going to read and enjoy.   

The attempts by the online woke mob to drive me into submission have failed. Their attempts to delist my books and prevent me from being published have hilariously backfired. I refuse to be censored by the cancel culture crowd. I won’t be silenced, especially by a criminal on probation who hides behind fake ID’s. I have support from many publishers and even more fans. I was never a victim, only a target – a target of misdirected hate that still festers in the dark corners of the BattleTech community.  I am comforted to know that these social justice warriors will be looked back at by future historians for what they are; little more than digital terrorists and butthurt harassers. 

The best thing I can do to heal the personal damage caused by this person, is to be stunningly successful. That’s what I am all about now…success.  If you want to support me, buy my books and enjoy them. Thank you for doing so.  If you want to hate me, go ahead. That’s your problem to deal with. Me…I’ll just keep on writing.



About the Land&Sea Universe – Part 10 – Another Bit of Bonus Fiction

Merry Christmas!

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Guess what arrived yesterday…a prerelease copy!

Blaine here. It’s a few days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, except for the aliens that are wading ashore and planning the eradication of mankind! Here’s a little bit of Land&Sea ™ fiction for you before the holidays settle in. Reminder, Splashdown releases 12 January so get your pre-orders in and help us spread the word by forwarding this around.


Deltex Oil Refinery, Houston, Texas

Anthony Gelf hated mysteries. In his line of work, a mystery could be dangerous – downright deadly. At 2:06 a.m. the Deltex Oil Refinery had called his digipad with a priority-one maintenance job. Something had happened on the number two distribution line. He had asked, half-awake, what had happened but the shift operator had told him she had no idea. In fact, she had said she had never seen anything like…

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Confederacy of Fear – Blue Dawn Book 3 – The Origins of the Title

I get asked from time-to-time where I get my book titles from.  In the case of Blue Dawn 3 – Confederacy of Fear, it came from an unlikely source – fake news!

Right after Joe Biden was announced as the winner of the Presidential election in the US, a quote circulated on the internet, attributed to a Czech newspaper.  It read: “The danger to America is not Joe Biden, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Biden presidency than to restore the necessary common good sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man as their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious that Mr. Biden, who is a mere symptom of with ails America.  Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.” 

I loved the quote, but I fact checked it and found, to no big surprise, that it was a fantasy piece, regardless of how accurate the content was.  It was not from a Czech newspaper or a member of their government as was often touted.

While I didn’t circulate it on my social media (until now), I was intrigued by the phrase, “…confederacy of fools…”  It had a neat sound to it.  I wanted to use that as the title of the third book in the series, but hesitated.  The antagonists in the Blue Dawn series were not fools. If anything, there was a level of genius to them and I didn’t want to detract from that.  So with a minor word swap, Confederacy of Fear was born.   See kids, even the fake memes have a purpose in life!

Confederacy of Fear is available in ebook (Kindle) format right now on Amazon.  The book is available in paperback on January 24 when it releases to the general public.