The truth about “Faith McClosky”

I write true crime, I never thought I’d be writing about myself playing the role of a real-life victim.

For those of you that don’t know me, I write in a lot of different genres. One science fiction universe I write novels in is called BattleTech. While this factors into this story, it is not the key component.

What follows is a story about lies, deceit, catfishing, defamation of character, extreme leftist politics, threats against my life, and outright character assassination. It is a story about the cancel culture, censorship, and standing up for your rights.  

I am posting this to clear the air about a few things a person has been saying about me. I think as readers of my work, you deserve the complete story. So far it has been a one-sided affair. You deserve the full truth. I have been silent on this matter far too long.

There have been a small but loud handful of people saying some fairly nasty things about me that are not true. Leading this charge was someone named Faith McClosky. It is important for you to know that Faith McClosky does not exist. “Faith” isn’t a lesbian female planning to adopt children in November. She’s not a nurse. She didn’t attend college in Tennessee. Her background on the net is a web of lies aimed at deceiving people. She isn’t a she. In reality, this is an account of a middle-aged man who I will refer to simply as J going forward.

He worked at big box retailer in a small Pennsylvania town who lives in his grandfather’s house. This person is a criminal who pleaded guilty to issuing Terroristic Threats with intent to terrorize another, and Harassment in a Pennsylvania court in 2020. He’s banned at his former place of employment. This is a matter of public record.

J has been misleading the BattleTech community for several years, pretending to be a young female fan, both as Faith McClosky and as Faith McCarron. Most recently, he has been hiding behind this fake identity to spread damaging lies and falsehoods about me and has made threats against my life, which I take seriously.

For months, this person has been personally contacting people and going on multiple online forums and sites spewing fabricated lies about me. This has been well documented by the authorities and thanks to fans who shared with me some of the hate that he has generated. I have remained quiet on these matters to allow law enforcement and my legal team to do their jobs. That time has come to an end.

If you believed anything this person posted, remember this, the person you have been reading posts from doesn’t exist. He has distorted reality about me to fit a woke agenda of censorship and pushing the cancel culture. Consider this:  If this person lied about who they are, in a very welcoming and diverse fan community, how can you believe anything this person posted regarding me?

Let’s go back to the start of this. The reality is that this person has been relentlessly following me online for almost two years. I gave up trying to reason with ‘her’ and blocked this person on Twitter and eventually Facebook. “Faith” became upset at one of my social media posts and, along with another conspirator, contacted Catalyst Game Labs, and attempted to get my books pulled and have me removed from the lineup as an author. They made outrageous accusations about me, which Catalyst refuted in detail. Catalyst even reviewed a year’s worth of my social media to validate that I had not crossed any of the lines that “Faith” claimed I had.

I blocked this individual and several others during this period because I refuse to let them use my social media platforms to post their hate about me. Keep in mind, at any point, J and his minions could have simply stopped following me.

When my new political thriller novel Blue Dawn was announced “Faith” contacted a fellow author on 26 March 2021 and sent the following:

 “I want to fucking shoot him in the fucking crotch for this shit.”

And: “I’m sorry. I want him to die in a fire.”

“Faith” claimed:  “It’s a condemnation of everything I believe in. It’s a condemnation of my family and my livelihood.”

When asked “In what way?” this was the response:  “In what way? I am a lesbian. I am a lesbian who is welcoming a child into this world. This backing of a radical conservative viewpoint is a repudiation of my entire existence.”  All of this was thankfully forwarded to me.

Keep in mind, this book was not in print at this time. In other words, this person was, in their head, creating plots and theories about the story without having read it!

Yes, representatives of the woke/cancel culture attempted to not only erase me, and having failed that, threatened my life.

Blue Dawn is a novel published by Defiance Press that I proudly authored. It is about the violent progressive overthrow of the government and the men and women that rise up and fight against it. It covers the start of a second American Civil War set five years from now. It is a piece of alternate history. It is a solid action novel, a political thriller, aimed at conservative readers, one written to get you to question the values of both sides of such a conflict. Much of the book is based on real-world events and people. It will spark discussion and debate when it is fully released at the end of July. Good fiction can do that. Good fiction should do that. There is a vast difference between discourse and threats/defamation.

I evaluated this threat with a professional in the field and contacted law enforcement. My wife and I drilled as to what to do if ‘Faith’ ever appeared at our house. For the first time in my life, I kept guns loaded and ready at egress points. This generated considerable stress and angst, as well as loss productivity in our household. Despite these and other security measures, my wife and I still feel threatened.

This person continued to barrage my blog and send emails all of an inflammatory nature. I was accused of being many things, and of having many views that I simply do not have, never considered, or are completely contrary to my beliefs. I did not reply to any of these. This person claimed there were hidden messages in my novels espousing views he/she didn’t agree with. I will not go into these specific and horrific accusations because to do so would only give them a hint of legitimacy. Many are outright ludicrous, the product of hate. Besides, I don’t have anything to prove or disprove…I’m the victim of this story.

Law enforcement attempted to locate “Faith” but her identity online did not match reality. Eventually they derived the person’s true identity, which was validated by several means. This took months. In the meantime, I was sent threatening videos, and experienced additional threats from this person on social media and via email. I also learned their history of legal troubles, both civil and criminal.

In response to multiple threats, I retained a top-notch legal team and secured a temporary PPO, Virginia’s equivalent of a restraining order. A cease and desist letter was served to J demanding him to remove his inflammatory online comments and a specific lengthy blog post that was filled with lies and distorted mistruths about me. Other legal actions were prepared as well.   

This person has been making outlandish and unsupported claims about me that were designed to harm my livelihood. It was a full-fledged campaign. This person attempted to purge me from BattleTech as an author, trying to force CGL to break legal contracts. This person issued threats, veiled and direct, against me. This person sent threatening videos to me, apparently to attempt to intimidate me. This person lied about their true identity. This person sent inflammatory comments to my publisher Defiance Press. He posted nasty reviews of my work. This individual went on Facebook and other forums and attempted to incite fans against me, to the point of getting temporary suspensions. He contacted podcasters and demanded they take down their episodes with me in them and no longer have me as a guest. He sparred with the fans of the franchise and professional colleagues who supported me, attempting to intimidate them. This individual sullied my name and reputation.

J, and the people that encouraged him, haven’t helped the BattleTech community at all. What they have done has been unhealthy to the fan base. In fairness, they were following a criminal who misled them. Sadly, I am sure some of them will continue to carry that banner. To them, I say: While most of you thought you were flirting with some 20 year old pretty professional female; you were duped and misled from the very beginning. Welcome to the BattleTech episode of Catfish; I’m Blaine Pardoe filling in for Nev.

It’s tempting to speculate as to his motives but I won’t. His motivations driving this bizarre behavior are merely window dressing for the accusations and threats themselves. What I can say with assurance is that this was the cancel culture at its worst. J, and those misled by him, were upset over a book that none of them have even read.

As a result of all of this, I now have a Permanent Protective Order in place with this individual banning them from direct or indirect contact with me. Under advice of counsel, cannot comment on other aspects of this matter nor on what law enforcement is currently doing regarding this case. I have done what is necessary to protect my wife, my dog, my home, and my life. I have a legitimate fear for our safety confirmed by experts in the field, a judge, and law enforcement. I took these actions not just for myself, but to protect fans as well, those that might be at an event or book signing where I appear in public.

Both of my current publishers, Catalyst Game Labs and Defiance Press have been communicated to during this ordeal. I endeavored to keep both of them apprised as events unfolded. I will not speak to what actions they may take as a result of these matters and revelations.

To be clear, everything I have done has been done in reaction to the multiple threats and defaming comments made against me. I feel horrible that this person instigated this entire affair and has pulled in others with his deception. I hope that his actions won’t deter real women from writing for BattleTech. I also hope this does not taint anyone’s opinions of the LGBTQ+ community. It is sad that J chose to drag their cause into his hate-filled dialogue. I have close family members in that community who were stunned about this misrepresentation of their constituency. I am not sure where he got the photos of the female that J pretended to be, but I am sure she would be shocked that someone was misusing her image in this manner.

Why respond at all?  Simply put, some of you attributed my silence as an admission of guilt – it was not. Legal actions take time to play out. To those who opt to continue with these kinds of online attacks, I want to be very clear – I will take the necessary legal actions to protect my reputation and these can be costly and time consuming for you. I suggest you all use this opportunity to ratchet down your politically motivated venom. You’ve had your ‘fun,” at my expense so far, but know that going forward you are playing adult games with adult prizes.

Some “fans” have posted that I shouldn’t be allowed to write a book like Blue Dawn…that I am the root cause of this. Let me be clear. No one deserves to be threatened and harassed at the level I and my family have been simply because someone disagrees with their political ideology. None of you get to determine what I can or cannot write. That is censorship. You do not get to choose what genre’s I opt to choose to practice my craft in. I have worked hard in my career to be in a position to write whatever I want, whenever I desire. The fact that you might think you get a voice in what I do stands against the freedoms I both possess and cherish.

I invite you to share this link with your fellow fans, I don’t want to violate any rules regarding posting politics on social media forums. I encourage you to share it with your friends as well. I believe that this is a tale well worth sharing.

Finally, this was never about fictional characters or fanciful high-tech plots; this is about silencing an author because of their politics, plain and simple. While I feel physically threatened, I will not concede my values. I will not be broken by self-appointed social justice warriors. I have taken my stand, drawn my line in the proverbial sand. I would hope that you would be respectful as my wife and I adapt to this and process much of what has unfolded. If you are facing these same pressures, I hope that this post helps you, even in some small way. I further would hope that, with these revelations, this matter can be put to rest


46 thoughts on “The truth about “Faith McClosky”

  1. Zimm

    Wow. I am so sorry that you and yours (or anyone frankly), have had to, and continue to, experience this. I avoid social media and the like expressly because they are places that vacillate between being utterly vacuous, and breath takingly psychotic.

    Of course, when this sort of **** happens, the victims don’t get to ignore it or avoid it.

    Extremism, fanaticism, whether left or right, religious or atheist, is in my opinion, disconnected from politics, religion, or anything else, it’s a sign of a broken mind. After all, what sane human makes threats, or stalks another, tries to destroy another?

    I probably land pretty far on the left of the political spectrum, but I’ve always enjoyed your work, your fiction (you know, that stuff that, while it might encourage a bit of thought, is fundamentally for entertainment) and hope you continue to help build the world of Battletech for many years to come. People shouldn’t think exactly the same, that would be incredibly boring and counter to our continued growth as people.

    I also hope this person can receive the help they clearly need, and you and your family be free from their mental illness as soon as possible.

    Sorry you’re having to deal with this. But I’m sure you know: you’re not alone, and there are a whole lot of (only some of us slightly mentally unhinged fans – “Wolverines for the true ilClan!”) folks out there who have your back.

    Again though, sorry your life, and those of your family, and have been beset and upended by one person’s illness. I hope it comes to an end swiftly, and you can move on, free of its baggage.

  2. Richard Lloyd

    Wow, I’ve had some misgivings about “Faith” for a while, “her” ongoing campaign towards you and your writing felt off but I wasn’t expecting this.There are some truly deranged people out there and you have my sympathies for what you and your family has been going through. No one should have to deal with that. Good luck for the future and I’m looking forward to more BT fiction from you (I might even grab your new thriller too, I’m intrigued now).

  3. Orwell84

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour by this person, and it’s galling to think ‘she’ has fooled so many honest BattleTech fans with this vile crap! I recently bought Andy Ngo’s book based upon your review and I’m sorry to hear you and your kin have also been targeted by one of these wannbe-Bolsheviks.

    Zimm’s pretty much summed up my own thoughts on this, so I’ll only add my apologies for having wondered at one point if there was any truth to what ‘Faith’ said. Keep writing BattleTech fiction, you’ve got guaranteed buyers – and I’ll be checking out Blue Dawn when it’s up on Kobo.

  4. Rene

    Mr. Pardoe it is terrible you and your family have gone through this unnecessary hardship. Thank you for standing up to cancel culture and this despicable human being. I will be purchasing your new book when it releases!

  5. Travis Gardner

    Thanks for sharing this Blaine. Having gone through many court cases over the last couple years I know what that is like and also know that here is no such thing as “winning” or otherwise coming out unscathed from that process. J’s online targeting of you specifically is what turned me off from their activities and is what stopped me from inviting what seemed at the time to be the only female contributor to the lore onto the podcast. Keep advocating for freedom of thought and speech while producing great BattleTech fiction. You have my appreciation and support on both fronts.

  6. I’m sharing your article with some friends, we are all fans of Battletech. I’ve got friends who are conservative leaning, but are a part of the LGBT community. They’ll so their part to try to stop this nonsense from spreading. Good luck, I look forward to the book and checking out your other work to do my part in supporting you.

  7. Troy L. Cowell

    Wow. And just like that, “Faith McClosky” is no longer in ANY FB Group I’m a member of. I’d sent Him/Her a PM on the Official Forums, because I liked their story in Shrapnel. They sent me a Friend Request on FB, so I accepted. We exchanged a few PMs about their story, but they never “Went Off” on You in any of them at least. =D

    I saw their FB posts, with their jabs and snide remarks about you. I confess I didn’t look into, just figuring “They” had some sort of Issue with you, and I Honestly didn’t care What it was. I guess I was more “right” than I thought! I’m Sorry to hear things were MUCH more Serious than they appeared to be on FB!

    I remember “Faith” seemed to have “her” backup choir, people always taking her side, cheering her on. I tried Searching a few FB Groups to see if one of them started with a “J”, but had no Luck. =\ Oddly, one of your Former “Bosses” from CGL seemed to side with her about you a lot. =\

    Makes me wonder if the actual Woman that “Faith” used the Photo of could sue “J” for identity Theft?

    And “J/Faith” was Active on the Official Forums this morning. I can only Hope that Account gets shut down soon! I feel bad now for not “Reporting” their snide remarks on the Forums as well as in a few FB Groups. I noticed that they seemed to be OBSESSESED with bad-mouthing you! I just didn’t Realize HOW Serious it was. =(

    1. Thanks for your understanding. I don’t know if he can be sued for identity theft, there’s always an outside chance he got permission to use those photos.
      In terms of her little backup choir, I have seen screenshots of some of their idiotic comments – as have my lawyers. They have an opportunity to step back with all of these revelations, and I sincerely hope they do. PS. Herb was never my boss. I have had almost zero interactions with him.
      People can dislike my politics – I am fine with that. When it moves to defamation or threats against my life, I will leverage the legal system to the full extent possible. It really is simple.

  8. LJ Graham

    Well said, Blaine. But who knows, maybe there’ll be a movie “based on a real story” screenplay?
    In any event, glad to see you sticking to your guns and making progress towards shutting down this loser. Just remember the old saying; “Speak softly and carry a backup in your ankle holster matching the caliber of your primary.”

  9. Don Pocek

    Blaine, I’ve known you a long time. You are as straight up as they come. I’ll vouch for your character anytime as will all of the people you’ve worked with at the firm.

  10. Rncavenger

    I saw the comments of this “madam” on the official forum of battletech. I was always surprised by her hatred towards you and your works. Especially after the release of the “Hour of the Wolf”. I hope you will not see him/her anywhere else, not on the web, and even more so in reality.

  11. Stan

    We had conversation a bit in Russian BT community. It was really short, though, and finished by our full support to your actions in this case, except – some of us still thinking, you were really polite. However, we all wish you the all the best and still we are your faithful fans.



    Sorry to hear that you had to deal with this crazy person. I wish you and your family the very best. I hope this all turns out to be something you can look back on and tell the story.


  13. Oldbob10025

    Very sorry to hear about what he has done to you and your family and I hope he gets the mental help he needs to function in normal society.

    Keep up the great writing

  14. Matthew Allen Carper

    Good Lord. I had to go back and look at some of the posts I had on the FB groups. The name sounded familiar, and there it was. This person is incredibly disturbed, like a lot of their counterparts. You did the right things, but damn if no one should have to live in fear of a reprisal for a difference in opinion. You’ve been the most approachable author I think I have ever run into.
    This type of reaction is just……awful.

    I’ll check out the book when I see it.

  15. Nick Sakkas

    Hey Blain, I am a BT fan from Greece but I am now seriously considering checking Blue Dawn out. Love alternate history (Turtledove fan here as well).

    So sad to read what you went though. You got my support. Keep writing awesome stories

  16. I think I’ll check out Blue Dawn. I wrote a 2nd civil war novel about a year ago, but it’s more a “here’s how bad it could get” than taking a point of view(even though I likely align far more with yours than my writing would suggest). I didn’t endure what you have, thankfully, and it floors me when folks are so crazy that they choose to harass someone writing a friggin’ book. Maybe, and this is just a wacky thought, folks who are that insane shouldn’t be reading(or looking at, if the book isn’t even out yet) books that might upset them so.

    I look forward to reading it on my Kindle shortly.

  17. Damian J. Henderson

    Yeesh…I remember confronting Faith about her (to me) very unfair criticisms of Hour of the Wolf. It seemed like a vendetta to me. I had no idea it degraded into this.

  18. MikeG

    I am so sorry you had to deal with this person.
    Years ago (more than I care to admit) I had a very brief conversation with you and some others at a convention. You were incredibly kind and polite even though I could tell you were tired and probably worn from so much socialization. I have read and re-read many of the novels you have written and they stay on rotation for me. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do and I hope this ends soon for the sake of you and your family

  19. Ronald Ledwon

    OMG!OMG!!! I have no clue what you and your family have been going though after reading this. So now Faith is not real. I have just come across this story after reading on Battletech game FB . It was about deleting bad and toxic post from the fall out BLP and Catalyst. Well I hope you and your family are safe Mr Pardoe.

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