One of my BattleTech Treasures

The Rules – Only Cooler

My wife and I are building a new house and we have sold ours (after five hours on the market – screw you Covid-19!).  As such I am packing.  I have a set of shelves filled with the stuff I wrote as well as mementos.

One I have is one I contributed to – this little gem.

I haven’t seen these up on Ebay before.  

What I REALLY like about this is that it was personally made with my name on the cover and it was a limited print run.  For me, it’s a BattleTech treasure.

I have been pushing John Helfers, my editor at Catalyst, that we ought to do a special print run of the ilClan novel when it finally comes out along the same lines as this book.  I said, “Some fans would pay big bucks for a hard cover elite printing.”  I’m sure it won’t happen…but if you like the idea, please nag the powers that be.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share this with you all just for grins.  Enjoy

6 thoughts on “One of my BattleTech Treasures

  1. Parker Good

    Exodus Road was the first novel I read from the Battletech series and it hooked me. Thank you for your part in bringing that glorious world to life.

  2. jsonaash

    Oooh, #38!
    I scored #251 at GenCon the year this was released, even got a couple of the FASA crew to sign it (problem is, I can’t really figure out the signatures!) I *think* one of them is Jordan Weisman but I have no guess on the other…

    Hmm, maybe the eminent Historian and Author Mr Pardoe could figure it out?
    (OK, yes, a not so subtle “help me Obi-Wan Pardoe, you’re my only hope!”)

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