Moving Forward…

By now many of you know the story, or parts of it. Going forward, I will no longer being writing BattleTech for Catalyst Game Labs (CGL). This was not a mutual decision. A handful of people, led by Faith McCloskey, protested when my latest novel, No Substitute for Victory, was published. That backlash led to Fanatics (owner of the IP) telling Catalyst to ‘make this go away.’ 

I should have seen the handwriting on the wall. Throughout my ordeal with the person using this fake identity, Loren Coleman, the President of Catalyst, never called to ask how I was doing.  All he was focused on was where the investigation into Faith/J was at and what actions I was taking and when. In contrast, Defiance Press, one of my other publishers, called to make sure my wife and I were okay, seeing if there was anything they could do to help. Catalyst never once, after I made matters public, said that they were against people threatening their contract employees. They never gave me a single public word of support. 

My discussion regarding my termination with Catalyst’s President centered on him highlighting an ongoing ‘feud’ with the person claiming to be Faith. Catalyst’s rebuttal to my initial article in American Greatness on this matter said that this had nothing to do with my Faith. My response to this is to relay to you part of the transcript of my discussion with Catalyst’s President on this matter (yes, I transcribed my notes from the call) – and you can form your own opinion:

  • CGL  “The problem is really this feud you have with J**** (Faith).”
  • “I’m not feuding.”
  • CGL  “Well you are.  Every time you post something about him, it causes him to react.” 
  • “I have written two things in three months about what he did. I made it clear to you when we started this that I had been forced to be quiet [under advice of legal counsel] for months. I have every right to speak out about what he tried to do to me. Need I remind you that this person threatened the life of one of your contract employees?  I told you then that I would be fully leveraging this and you said you would do the same thing if you were in my shoes. He hasn’t stopped trying to smear me, and you expect me to do nothing?”
  • CGL  “I’m not saying that.  But it’s causing a problem.” 
  • “This isn’t about my articles [about him] at all or referencing him.  He reacted the moment that my last novel came out and I hadn’t even talked about him. You can’t expect me to be quiet.” 
  • CGL  “Well, it’s a problem.” 
  • “So you’re willing to throw a 36 year relationship with BattleTech out window?  One of your bestselling authors?”
  • CGL  “I knew this would be a difficult call.”  

With the release of Blue Dawn, I wrote articles for conservative websites such as American Thinker, PJ Media, and, American Greatness, and others. I made it clear to Catalyst that I would reference my online stalker in some of these articles as an example of woke extremism.  Catalyst’s President said, “I would do the same thing if I were you.” On my call with Catalyst over my release, this was being positioned as me being in some sort of ‘feud.’ At the risk of being blunt, everything I have done in regards to this person has been in reaction to their online attacks or threats. Faith and his minions have harassed reporters, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and others in a campaign to smear me and intimidate them. Even when I posted nothing online, they spewed their venom and lies about me. This had nothing to do with BattleTech, it was an orchestrated effort by a handful of individuals with a radical leftist agenda to cancel me. 

Publishers can hire whomever they desire. I am more appalled that Catalyst has opted to side with a person who had threatened my life. Imagine how you would feel in the same circumstance. Picture someone harassing you online to the point where they contact your friends and make threats against your life – and your employer releasing you as a result of this. 

Catalyst employs a number of progressive/liberal writers and artists who post things on the internet that are far more offending than anything I ever did – but they are being retained. To me, this creates the appearance that it is my conservative views that are what Catalyst has issue with. I will let you form your own opinion. I notice that only one person’s name, mine, was mentioned in their rebuttal.    

Why speak up at all?  The President of Catalyst told me that he would inform the fans of this decision but never did that. Weekly, if not daily, I receive messages asking me what is coming out next; or when will the Snord’s story be released; or when will there be another Clan Wolverine story? What are you working on?  Where’s the stuff you said you’ve written?  I was forced to make this public to clear the air and put an end to those questions.

Catalyst reached out to me weeks after this decision and askdc me to write a blurb for an upcoming coffee table book about what BattleTech meant to me – after telling me I was being banned from writing future fiction. Why would I help them sell product after the treatment they were giving me?  Their response to my anguish over the request was that it was okay, they weren’t going to pay me for it! Money has never been the motivator for writing BattleTech. I love the universe and the game.   

Then a few weeks ago, I received this nasty note from my editor, a man who I had bailed out countless times before: 

Drivel? Shouldn’t you read it first?

Talk about judging a book by its cover! A Most Uncivil War had not been published at this point, yet Catalyst’s editor, John Helfers, chose to be insulting to me. Loren was copied on the email but did not offer any rebuke of John’s nastiness. His inaction made it clear that he supported this attempt to infuriate and insult me and my writing.

For years I answered fans questions about BattleTech lore, characters, battles, etc.  I posted material about the history of the franchise. I actively and openly engaged with the fan community.  I had gamers in my house to play BattleTech. Catalyst benefited from these actions. I gave free consulting on WWI aviation and naval action for their Leviathan’s game. From my perspective that loyalty was one-sided and misplaced.    

To be clear, I am not a victim. I refuse to use that title. I am a conservative that has had one publisher not publish my work because my views do not align with theirs. I chose to exercise my First Amendment rights. To me, this is censorship at the source. Their actions have had me join the ranks of others like Gina Carano, Tim Allen, and others, so I feel like I’m in good company.  They have a business to run and made a decision. What I, and the fans, think of that decision is irrelevant. The loss is to the many fans I have earned over the decades. I will walk away proud of my contributions to BattleTech.  

I have been overwhelmed with dozens of emails, posts, and DM’s of support. Thank you. This has been an emotional burden that I’ve been carrying for months and this weekend was cathartic and emotionally therapeutic. I ignored the nasty comments and outright lies by a handful of people, they didn’t merit giving the posters credibility by responding.  Haters are going to hate. I don’t have time in my life for such negative people.

I get it – we kind of grew up together. A lot of fans have written about how they were teenagers and loved reading my books. My books were a guilty and safe pleasure for many of you in your youth. I’m glad my efforts got you to enjoy the game and the universe. Others loved my contribution to sourcebooks – ComStar and Clan Wolf. One compared my current situation to that of Khan Sarah McEvedy of Clan Wolverine…which made me grin. One asked if I would be selling my BattleTech collection – which I now must consider. Most simply were upset and wanted to know they had my back. Everyone expressed appreciation for my work and I am deeply thankful for your kind words.

I will continue to write novels about great characters, telling fun and creative stories – just not BattleTech stories. This will not slow me down one bit as a writer.  I prefer creating in my own universe of Blue Dawn or writing true crime books, or my novels for Creative Juggernaut. I have three novels coming out of Kickstarters for them starting this fall. Two publishers reached out to me yesterday to write for their series – so you never know where I might show up. These publishers are able to separate where I stand on issues versus the stories I write. I have contracts in place right now for books with publishers who don’t care what politics I have. Their focus is the product I create. As long as I write good stories, they and their readers are happy.

This will likely be my last blog post on BattleTech. It would take a lot for me to come back to the franchise – so please don’t ask me. I’m 59 years old, so I want to spend my time working on projects where I don’t have to look over my shoulder or cringe at how a handful of internet trolls might react. I don’t believe in boycotts or online petitions. If you want to speak with your pocketbook, that is your decision. Direct your questions to @Topps or @Fanatics.  If you want to support me, do it in the time-tested way, buy my books from other publishers such as Defiance Press, Lyons Press, Skyhorse Publishing, Wild Blue Publishing, or Arcadia.   


51 thoughts on “Moving Forward…

  1. Curtis Thompson

    With you 100% of the way, Blaine! Absolutely love your work! I let all those companies know how I feel about the situation. Not sure if it will mean anything, but hey, each movement is made up of individual voices. Either way, eager to see what you create next!

  2. Thomas

    I am sorry to hear a great writer has been forced out of the franchise that he helped make into the great thing it is today. March on Blaine. No guts. No galaxy.

  3. Andrew

    We support you. If you build a new military sci-fi IP that’s just as good if not better, and free from the clutches of companies like Microsoft and Catalyst, then people will ditch BattleTech like a bad habit. I don’t care what political stuff you publish on the side, as long as the core stuff isn’t preachy.

  4. Don Pocek

    Blaine, you and I don’t mesh politically, however I never like to see anyone screwed by corporate America. Best of luck to you and, darn it, I still need to read one of your true crime novels. I’m going to buy one today!

  5. Ben

    With you 100%, Blaine. Sorry this situation happened to you and that you lacked the back up or support you were promised by Catalyst. Seems that the real owners of the IP for Battletech wanted you gone because of the so called feud. It was not a feud, you were being threatened. You did what you felt you needed to do in this situation.

  6. David K

    Honestly, had never read your books before, but I will be now! Looking forward to the kickstarter – first one for an author that I will support!

  7. Aaron Smith (Blakist)

    Wow this is very disappointing that they did this to you I support you 100%
    And shame on them I really enjoyed your BattleTech novels

    1. A. Pole

      I am very new to Battletech and have already returned my recent purchase from CGL. What they have done is inexcusable in taking the side of a lunatic who’s identity they cannot even confirm. After scanning through this individuals Twitter and other related accounts, I can safely say that CGL has no future.

      The people who engage in this behavior make burner fake accounts in order to brigade targets and destroy them. It is even possible these accounts are made by CGL’s own competitors to drive a wedge in their community and destroy their company.

      Either way, CGL has doomed themselves to obeying a faceless mob and even worse, a grown adult male who is posing as a young woman online and who spends his time stalking and harassing victims.

      If anyone is CGL is reading this and who is sane, abandon ship while you can. It’s going to get a lot worse due to supporting this movement. They will never let you go now.

  8. Lemme make sure I understand this:

    – you get harassed and threatened by a troll and some bots
    – catalyst / parent company decide to make the noise stop by getting rid of you
    – the executive editor emails you, calling your yet-to-be-published book drivel (presumably, he disagrees with you politically since he couldn’t have read it yet).

    I’ll be at GenCon this week and will make sure Catalyst hears some….choice feedback….from what would’ve otherwise been a paying customer.

  9. Terrance Nelson

    I’m deeply saddened by the turn of events and I wish you best on your future projects. I’m also angry at the reaction to you being let go. I wonder is Catalyst even sees the things people on twitter are saying about you. The accucsations are ridiculous and weren’t you the one who was attack first at the start of this?

    There are even people who say you had this coming because they don’t like the way you write BattleTech. Or they’re ambivalent so long as Catalyst keeps churning out product. While a good number of people have come out in support of you, but I feel let down by the community reaction as a whole. This situration obviously isn’t right

    It’s disheartening to see how smug some of these people are when something unjust happens to a person they don’t know and has done nothing to them. I don’t like to cast judgement online, but these people arn’t right. They don’t seem to care about anything but their place in the chaos.

    I won’t be boycotting BattleTech or other Catalyst products, but buying from Catalyst will now have a sour taste. Again, I wish you the best on your future work and I’ll be on the lookout for it. I wasn’t interested in your Blue Dawn series before, but I’ll pick some copies now. I may not like them considering my differing political opinions, but at least I can give them a chance.

    1. I agree with you on this, I won’t boycot catalyst but i won’t jump to help like i did with the clan invasion kickstarter though I feel they did as best as they could with it. I may or may not buy anymore battletech but that is a decision as things come out. The community is divided just like most of the country and it’s all because of politics. people on one side won’t consider the other side’s ideas even if good and vice versa too. both sides are to blame and this is what is causing this country to loose it’s identity and thus people like Blaine here suffer. Thank you for your thoughts and know that I feel you are correct in this.

      1. Jac Cook

        I feel your pain Blaine.
        Catalyst are literally shooting themselves in the f♡</ balls. And these actions by them piss me off
        The whole point of the Innersphere, the Clans, everything is because of the human nature, we can't get get along, we all have different views, political views, and there are extremists and dumb f♡ckeries. This is Battletech lore in a nutshell. Blakist, Capellans, Jade Falcons, Ameris supporters, Taurians, Raven Alliance, Wolverines, and my favorite Duchy of Andurien all are considered Black Sheep in the fold because of their politicaland idealistic views, but having those element in the fold helps progress the future of Battletech.
        Losing you input into my favorite Ip is like losing a limb.
        Very disappointed with CGL for being so weak
        Battletech is political! The IS is a clusterf♡ of political warfare. I am scared to think what the future stories will be like if political intigue gets thrown out the window. Everyone sits on the battlefield holding hands… ffs

  10. Ryan

    It’s such a shame because you are my favorite Battletech writer. I definitely want to read your other work now to support you.

  11. ian coutts

    the real community is 100% behind you Blaine… this is outrageous, this is America and we should never be scolded for our political view or have our job in jeopardy. this is a business choice they will soon regret. ive been a supporter of the franchise since 1990 and have no issues not spending a cent more on any catalyst/ Topps/ fanatics product..

      1. Blaine, at some time I would hope to square off with you on the battlefield. as I said in my lengthy post below, keep doing what you like, play battletech because you don’t want to just throw away memories that are good and things you find fun! I may or may not buy anymore from them, I do not know but this will be part of consideration if I do. though i’m pretty much only buying battletech itself.

  12. Sean McDaniel

    Thank you Blaine for all the great Battletech novels you have written. I am only a few years younger than you so been in battletech since the beginning so have all your novels. You will be missed. And allthough I won’t quit playing Battletech, I will have a hard time supporting Catalyst now. Will have to check out your Blue Dawn series. Good Luck in all you do Blaine.

  13. Valaska

    Though I differ with you on some politics, I fully admonish what Catalyst has done to you.

    You are an instrumental piece of BattleTech, and to think they sided with an aggressive and potentially violent person hiding behind anonymity over someone they have worked with over 36 years and should be not only a colleague but a friend… it’s pathetic, it’s sad. What happened to being able to reach across the bridge, the gap, and accept people despite differing beliefs and opinions?

    You’re a great writer and by all I know a good man who has done everything he can to make life a better experience for the people around you and the fans who stuck through FASA’s closure, WizKid’s… weirdness, and even the dark ages of Dark Age. You are still an inspiration to me as a writer, and the BattleTech books emblazoned with “Blaine Lee Pardoe” sit proudly alongside those with Robert Thurston, and will always be there.

    I am sorry this happened to you… and as someone who spent literally thousands on the Clan Invasion boxes, thousands upon… probably ten thousand or more on BattleTech over the years, I am reconsidering my support of anything BattleTech ever again.

  14. Blaine,

    I don’t always agree with your views, but they are your views and I respect that and I will not start not respecting that because of this. I however do have to say something: Do not give up on us, the fans. Keep talking battletech from your viewpoint. talk about what you thought and were thinking of, this is nothing that can be taken from you. Your time with battletech and it’s feels can NOT be taken from you. Keep playing the game with friends and all. talk about what you like and do not like (I am not telling you to do anything but giving suggestions). The Game like us, we grew up with you and the rest of the writers. I have only read your books for battletech of late (and Michael A. Stackpole’s) because I feel you both get the universe so much better than some of the others.

    I want to say THANK you for the things you have done, and everything else and I agree with your assessment, it was more about the views than anything but the feud that the other one (will not even give name) has with you (not returned by you) probably comes in due to the views being attacked by this idgit. Do not give away your past just because something happend to stop you from contributing to it in the future. Know that you are loved and even supported by your fans no matter what is happening elsewhere!

    Thank you once again for all you have done and said and as I said before your views are yours and I respect you for your views, and thus THANK YOU for speaking about your views as even if I don’t agree with them I have learned things from you because of you speaking about them. Do not change yourself for anyone unless you think it is what you should do is my motto so I hope that my words gave you a smile and I am still suggesting that the convention i’m associated with try to get you as an author guest. Because you have so much to contribute. (no I am not offering just letting you know that I’m trying to get the higher ups to notice you!)

    my very best to you and your family, and I will check out some of the other material! please stay safe!


    1. Boner

      Have you checked out Wargate?

      I don’t presume to know the business of writing and publishing, but I think you might be a good fit with those guys. Human civilization needs you to keep writing great books. Gotta stick together to fight the commies.

  15. Tony Hicks

    Very sad that things got to this point and this had to happen…you will continue to have my support. One simple reason why. You put out a good product. Crazy concept right? Best of luck in your future projects.

  16. Matthew Neuendorf

    Do you still get paid for Battletech content that you wrote if it sells going forward? If so, yours will be the only BT fiction I purchase until they apologize publicly and rescind this political purge. If not, I will not be purchasing any further BT fiction at all.

    I am so very sorry that you’ve been so mistreated. I’ve seen far too many people mischaracterize you, posting tweets and quotes that don’t say what they claim they do, while calling you the next best thing to a traitor, fascist, and terrorist. It’s despicable, and the degree of restraint that you’ve been showing so far has been admirable.

    I hope that Creative Juggernaut really takes off, and that your other publishing partners continue to stick with you. God grant you peace, and may He work to soften the hearts of the radicals who have been attacking you, or allowing you to be attacked.

  17. Mauther

    I’ve been a Battletech fanboy since 1986, having lovingly supported the franchise by buying almost all of the published material. I’ll admit to wandering during the Dark Ages, I didn’t care for the setting and I hated the mechanics. But as they reverted back to Classic Battletech, I was brought back into the fold, and again I made sure to support the company who produced my hobby.
    I saw Catalyst’s statement saying “…do not align with Catalyst’s publishing vision.” Since they do not state anything specific, I can only assume it is you politics that they find objectionable. I don’t know your politics specifically, but I think I can make a fair guess in the generality. And if that is the case, I will cease purchasing their products because at least some of my politics are broadly in the same area so they clearly do not want me either If Catalyst wants to clarify their statement and it turns out your a puppy murdering child molester I’ll gladly change my stance. But it appears that Catalyst has either decided to take a hard stance on political grounds or it is choosing to bow down to people who draw hard political lines. In either case, I will not only not be buying anything further for Battletech from them, I am also in a group that plays Shadowrun and we will not be updating to their new 6th edition as we were planning to.
    This doesn’t mean that I love Battletech or Shadowrun any less, not does it mean that I will stop playing either game. Catalyst just won’t be getting my money. I’ll either get it from the secondary market or from the internet. Catalyst has made it clear that my money isn’t wanted. Defiance Press however seems to want my money so I’ll be spending there instead.

  18. David Evans

    This is very sad news indeed. I’ve been playing and reading Battletech since 1989, I’ve read everything you have written for Battletech and always enjoyed your stories. I’ll be taking a break from buying Battletech and I very politely informed CGL about this and my displeasure over the whole situation. Don’t let them beat you, they may be very loud but they are a small minority of people. Keep up the good work!

  19. Richard Tracey

    I am one of those guys you references as growing up reading your stuff. I am disgusted in how Catalyst and co have acted against you. As they have abandoned you, I will look forward to reading\playing your non-battletech products.

  20. Mr. Pardoe

    I figured you would want to hear some positive and encouraging words considering the issues you have gone through as of late.

    I come from a really small town in Idaho. I have a very very distinct memory of my early teens somewhere in the mid to late 90s where I am on watch over my 4H group’s steers at the county faire, of which I was participating in. It got very boring just watching tackle boxes and sleeping cattle. So I read. In this particular memory I was reading a book called “Highlander’s Gambit”, the very first BattleTech book I had ever seen or set my hands on. I believe I purchased it at Barnes and Noble which had just opened up in a neighboring town. I became hooked on this universe and the mecha genre as a whole. BattleTech introduced me to mech culture before anime ever did. (which I still maintain the west is wearing it better)

    My brothers and I have read many of the books, and one of my brothers and I are working on our own art, games, and projects to this day, all mecha. You see at this same county fair I tried out a boardgame I also bought at B&N that had little cardboard standees to represent the same giant stompy robots we had read in the books. The summer breeze and uneven park bench of the fairgrounds didnt help the stability of the game, but it didnt stop us from undergoing the awakening. This of course was the 4th edition box set (with the Atlas missing an arm on the cover), and was also our first experience with tabletop gaming outside of the traditional family boardgames.

    I want you to understand, Mr Pardoe, that you were the introduction to something special that all my brothers and I shared, even to this day. That us country boys had something to geek out on.

    Over the years I didn’t always stay with BattleTech 100%, but it was always integral in my scifi development. We returned to it on occasion, but explored other western works of mecha.

    I am not telling you this to beg you for more BattleTech work, as I understand your reasons. But I do want you to know that you are a good author and an inspiration to your fans, and BattleTech fans alike, whether they realize it or not.

    Thank you.

  21. Menzo

    Until conservatives embrace and reflect the tactics of the subhuman leftist scum, I will be on the sidelines oiling my rifles and sharpening my swords.

  22. Fabian

    I was notified of this by an online friend this morning – reading up on it has me shaking my head.

    It’s a damn shame Catalyst chose to side with a 39 year old virgoid instead of keeping a 36 year long work relationship.

  23. Greetings from Spain, from another 80’s kid that grew up with Battltech. You could say I learned english with it. 😀
    Sadly, companies positioning for/against some authors, or even regular Joes, just because of politics or ideals is not exclusive of the USA. A bad trend that should end soon, or the worlds is going to get much uglier than it already is.

    You have my sympathy and support in your new endeavours.

  24. L.D.

    Blaine, if you excuse the familiarity….

    I’m in my third decade now. I have been reading your books (and Battletech at large) since I have been an actual child. I cannot begin to explain how outraged this makes me, the injustice of it all. You’ve been persecuted by someone that is extremely mentally ill and instead of rightfully backing you, someone who has been working for the franchise for decades, they cave in to enabling this mental illness that has been devouring our society. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and with this, I am never purchasing another CGL product again. I, who have been a customer, player, and reader for decades partly because of the strength of your writing and lore, am voluntarily deciding that Battletech (and MechWarrior) is just as dead to me now as Star Wars, Star Trek, and many other franchises that have fallen to this modern scourge of thought policing, censorship, and enabling mental illness. . I plan on buying your new books now as a measure of support even if they’re not my chosen genre for reading but I believe it is important to prop up the people, especially beloved childhood authors, who fall in the path of these new societal ills.

    With much respect, and also regret,


  25. Ronald Ledwon

    Well I’m year younger then you and been with Battletech since 1985 or 1986 . I will say this Catalyst made very BIG mistake which will cost them great deal down road. Mr. Pardoe I have never criticize any of Battletech authors who wrote for Battletech include you as well. I read almost all . Now I have sour taste in my mouth about supporting Catalyst after how they treated you. I love Battletech and its universe. I hope everything get better for you and your family. I give your Blue Dawn a read. I’am still shaking my head over this. Later

  26. Etaoin Shrdlu

    I’d like to suggest you get in touch with Rob Kroese, @robkroese on Twitter, who is part of a cabal of independent science fiction and fantasy authors who are also conservatives, or at least “not woke” — there are a LOT out there, surprisingly, and after decades of being force-fed really bad leftist sci-fi to the point that I’d given up on the genre, it was great to run into not just one but an entire cabal of authors who, mostly, are pretty good and who don’t shove politics down their readers’ throats unless it’s actually a useful part of the plot.

    Kroese runs BasedCon, which is a “non-woke” science fiction convention, held in Michigan in September. I don’t know if you could make it, but it would be nice to run into you there. More generally, Kroese and the rest seem to know how to market themselves and others. I realize you’re already an established author, but they still might be a help.

  27. Pht

    I got into bt via MW3 in 1999, found the books not long after, and Mr. Pardoe, I have really enjoyed your work.

    It’s a shame to see the guys at CGL be so petty and act like they were raised by wolves. Their actions – and the actions by fanatics (along with the recent announcement about arrastia meeting with the EBT fansite guys and the EBT site doing legal-butt-covering – really, fanatics wants to be as evil as nintendo with the lawyers and IP nonsense?) has put me off anything CGL.

    I do not want to support that kind of small-minded cowardly backstabbing. I don’t want fanatics to even THINK about going Nintendo-assassin-lawyer IP “protection” route. I won’t be buying anything from cgl or topps or fanatics until they not only honestly apologize, but also clean house of the trolls in CGL who outed themselves in this debacle.

    I dug around a bit to see if I could find any “real” dirt at all and what I saw was tame – frankly boring. I had no idea BLP did anything political. At all, anywhere, ever – and I have been following conservative politics since the 1980s.

    The kind of people who attacked you are not honest; they are professional victims, who are exploiting the recent aristocracy inversion. Power is gained and exploited by becoming more of a victim. The person who set this whole thing in motion showed the power of the new victim-aristocracy by getting you fired by …. trolling you, and expressing the desire to murder you, and being outraged at you for (based on the information I have) nothing wrong.

    That’s a jaw-dropping amount of privilege, based on fear and coercion.

    I am very sorry to see this happen to you. Maybe get larry Corriea to come over and do your security. 😀

  28. Proud Capellan

    Just found out.

    I couldn’t say how many times I read “exodus road”, loved “betrayal of ideals”. Mister Pardoe, I really wanted to say thank you for your novels, and to say that, while I am an evil commie and I hate free market, I hate even more to see that Battletech, a science-fiction franchise (science-fiction’s purpose is to enable us to talk about touchy things whithout going at each other’s throats dang nam it!) I dearly love, be affected by the strange times we live in.

    Again, Thank you sir.

  29. rdaneeln

    Wow, I’m sorry all that happened. I’m really surprised at the actions of CGL who would take the side of some crazy left winger’s BS. Although, I have to say I’m not shocked in these days. The good news is at least it’s done and you don’t have to wonder who you work for anymore. We had our disagreements about lore, of course, but I always appreciated what you did. This is just a bunch of crap… CGL gets a breath of new life and the first thing they do is break out the knives… frankly it’s typical. Enjoy yourself.. taking a break from CGL and BT myself now.

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