Office Humor – Funny Job Titles

The Corporate Overlords are watching…

I’m involved with a fantastic little startup game and publishing company.  We started talking about job titles and I said I’d take a look at compiling some humorous ones that reflected our roles.  I figured it was worth sharing since some of these are pretty funny.

Thinker of Deep Thoughts

Chief Visionary (aka Chief Vision Officer)

Brand Warrior

Chief Amazement Officer

Artistic Ninja

Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity

Maestro of Mayhem

Timeline Overlord

The Voice of Reason

Chief of Prophesy Fulfillment

Chief Idea Ambassador

Lord god Genius in Charge

Digital Sorcery/Sorceress

Chief Concept Exorcist

Director of Astonishment

Digital Experience Director

Ringleader of Creative Operations

Abstract Concepts Coordinator

Master Universe Builder

Chief of Time Travel Operations

Entertainment Seer

Director of Entertainment Fulfillment

On-Demand Adult Officer

Alien and Technical Design Champion

Chief Agitation Officer

Head Unicorn Wrangler

Ambassador of Buzz

Chief Trouble Maker

Prophet of Events That Will Never Happen

Director of Idealism

Generalissimo of Nonexistent Future Military Forces

Director of World Creation

Chief Awesome Officer

Director of Dream Fulfillment

Head Word Wrangler

Chief Wonder Delivery Agent

Director of Awe-Inspiring Feats

Oracle of Inspiration

Coffee Guy

Chief Creativity Evangelist

Chief Catalyst Agent

Chief Scoundrel

Chief Security Stormtrooper

Director of Underdog Concepts

Warlord of Ingenuity

Director of Adventure Management Operations

Social Media Sorcerer/Sorceress

Concept Alchemist

Idea Jedi

Czar of Creativity

Master of Underling Staff

Director of Everything Starting With the Letter E

Self-Designated Adult In-Charge

Director of Initiative

Chief Idea Smuggler

Director of Synergistic Creativity

Space/Time Specialist

Concept Wrangler

Ink Magician

Sith Lord of Security

Director of Office Supplies and Beverage Distribution

Head Office Rogue

The Money Guy/Gal

Dispeller of Myths and Bad Ideas

Director of Brainstorming Operations

Ringleader of Genius Concepts

The Head Game Guy

Mastermind of Mischief

Now, I just need to pick the right one for my business cards…

10 thoughts on “Office Humor – Funny Job Titles

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  3. The Voice of Reason

    This was a wonderful source. We’re starting a new club and The Generalissimo of Domestic Communications will never forget this great article

  4. Renae Walden

    What a cracker! Is there any chance a structure was included so you know where to put these new job titles in the org. structure.

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