Gaming Rip-Off – Minuteman Miniatures – Now Called Miniature You


This little saga started at GenCon 2018.  Minuteman Miniatures had a booth where you could get your head scanned and they would provide you custom miniatures with your head/face on them.  Great idea.  I, along with my son and grandson, started the process with our scans.  In December, I ordered our minis to the tune of around $100.00.

I mentally gave them a few months grace period because I presumed there was a backlog. Then I started to email them.  No response.  I called the owner, Michael Elices, and his voicemail box was full.  Not a good sign.  I kept sending emails, every two weeks to both Mike and their support address, but got no response.

Now, a friend of mine did get his miniature – eight months after he ordered it at Gen Con and it looked great.  So this company is not an entire scam.  I am hopeful still that they would refund my money or, better yet, produce the miniatures we ordered.  At this point I would have settled for a simple “we are working on it,” response.  Instead nothing but silence, which is not good.

They have rebranded themselves as Miniature You and are promising an app as of July of this year to allow you to scan your own face and order custom miniatures from them.  I would strongly advise you to not do so.  This company has 21 Better Business Bureau complaints filed against them, all unresolved.  While I am sure their intent is to provide a service to the gaming community, and yes, some people have gotten their miniatures – there are a lot of people out there that have not.   Anyone handing them money for product is doing so with a great deal of risk.

I fully support game companies, especially start-ups.  But for them to not deliver to so many customers, then spend money to create an app to get more money…without fulfilling their orders…well, that’s borderline criminal behavior.

I will be pursuing legal remedies shortly with them.  I wanted to warn gamers out there to beware of this company though.

3 thoughts on “Gaming Rip-Off – Minuteman Miniatures – Now Called Miniature You

  1. J

    hmmmmm. while i DID get my Mini, it was all vry generic n presentation & delivery – 6×3 wht box w/ Company name & label, w/my Mini Me inside, bubble-wrapped. Only no paper w/my Order info or a letter of any kind as a professional gesture so as 2 encourage the Customer for more business. Nothing! Red flags! Plus, my Mini still has all the ligaments of the molding injection attached, while also on the base. Thus I hav 2 find a way 2 cut all the pieces myself, hopefully, w/o damaging my investment! HUGE Red Flag! I will NOT b using some stupid App 2 giv thm my money. Plus, they were a No-Show for GenCon 2019. ENORMOUS RED FLAG!! Hopefully U get your Mini; I recommend staying away frm thm until they prove thmselves more trustworthy.

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